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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Name: Lhos. Silent h, long o.
Apparent Age: 19 Earth, 21 Cavrisian
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Gender: male.    ...   wait...      *glances*  ....   Yeah. Male.
Bloodline: Mystic
Era: Modern.

Eye Color: Jade green
Hair Color(s): Blue. Think default Windows XP theme blue. Like the start menu. I can't think of an exact shade, so go with that.
Scale Color: Same as hair, but not quite as bold.
Skin Tone: SLIGHTLY blueish beige.
Primary Birthmark: Infinity symbol on right bicep, positioned vertically lengthwise. (IE ends point toward either joint.) Three horizontal lines cross the symbol, one for every vertical third.
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: None.
2) Father's Side: None.
3) Other: On backs of both hands - three identical circles that overlap each other in a triangular formation, all surrounded by one larger circle.

General Build: Athletic, though not overly so.
Hair Style: Unkempt and spiky.
Mannerisms: Generally friendly on the assumption that you aren't a jerk. Proving that that's not the case, though, cuts that short.
Typical Clothing Worn: Cargo pants and a t-shirt, plus two necklaces - a tooth carved from wood dangling from one, and a serpentine head from the other. both pieces aren't quite half-dollar sized.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Almost lives on music.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Things that can't be understood or rationalized. Not what he doesn't understand, but what NOBODY can understand.

Additional Optional Statistics

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 12 - Not terribly strong.
Manual Dexterity: 12 - same thing. Nothing amazing.
Fitness Level: Average.
Intellectual Capacity: Perhaps a bit above the normal. Depends on the subject.
Willpower/Mental Faculties: Can think logically, but often too logically. Ends up being able to find what he thinks is the best solution to a problem, but can cut out the less logical factors, like emotion.
Presence of Being: Likable, but nobody to steal the show.

Offensive Fighting Ability: 16. While physical strength and prowess is low, magical ability is extreme thanks to awakening. Understands surrounding world and own body as being made of energy, and as a result, is able to channel energy and shapeshift with ease. Hand to hand combat is assisted with energy attacks, IE kicks and punches have extra force put behind them with small energy bursts. Jumps are aided in much the same way, running speed is increased by relieving stressed muscles and improving aerodynamics, etc etc. Main offensive enhancement as a result of channeling is a large boost in physical dexterity. Acrobatics are a snap. Fights with two longswords that can be coupled at the hilt, forming a bladed staff.

Defensive Fighting Ability: Also 16. Able to sense enemies' energy signatures, and can track targets without a visual. Able to sense shifts in energy within targets, and as such can sense what the target is about to do, such as take off to the left or thrust forward with a knife. Can heal body at extreme rates, though a very high amount of concentration is required. Can teleport short distances with ease, although this leaves him disoriented for a moment. Can create shields of all kinds, and can absorb enemy energies with some concentration.

Special Attack Power: Nothing that should be marked above the rest. There is a weakness to mention, though - concentration is key to many things, and he can have a hard time focusing. The key to every advantage of his is his ability to see the world as directed energies, which he unfortunately can't do innately. If he can't concentrate, everything becomes all but impossible. It's also worth noting that running energy through one's body can be quite draining over time.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Name: Thomas Storm
Other Names: T, Tom, T-Storm
Apparent Age: 38 (Csyelusian), 23 (Human)
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs.)
Tail Length: 140 cm (4'7")
Gender: Male
Bloodline: 75% Csyelusian, 19% Mystic, 6% Cliff Angel
Era: Modern

Eye Colour: Deep Red
Hair Colour(s): Auburn (occasionally dyed deep red)
Scale Colour: Deep Green
Skin Tone: Tan with hint of green
Primary Birthmark: short "cuts" on lower back & upper tail (deep red)
Secondary Birthmarks:
  • Mother's Side: "tribal" marks along sides of neck (deep blue)
  • Father's Side: "inverted-V" marks on sides of hips (deep red)
  • Other: "tribal" marks along upper arms (dark green)
General Build: slender and athletic, but only moderately toned
Hair Style: short to moderate length, unkempt (brushed forward when dyed)
Mannerisms: Tom is a "thinker." He is always pondering something, whether it is the meaning of life or the nearest cloud in the sky. Some perceive him as "cold" or "disconnected," but those that have taken the time to know him find he is a loyal and caring friend; he is one on whom they can rely for gentle, yet candid, advice during the most trying of times. He is somewhat introverted, and will rarely ask others for advice.
Typical Clothing Worn: Khaki cargo pants or blue jeans with a solid-colour t-shirt. During the winter months, he is usually spotted wearing work boots and a sweatshirt or "hoodie." He rarely wears coats or jackets, unless the weather is extremely cold.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Tom enjoys participating in many sports, but prefers hiking and mountain-climbing. He has a particular interest in the weather, and spends a considerable amount of his free time forecasting it. Although he doesn't dislike anyone specifically, he is easily annoyed by those who habitually abandon "common sense." Another peculiar hobby is language. Tom speaks four of them fluently.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Tom has a history of heart problems, and has thoroughly scared his friends on several occasions. He holds a great (yet silent) fear of abandonment and loneliness. Only a select few of his friends know of his fear.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: friend, visionary

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 12
Manual Dexterity: 10
Fitness Level: 14
Intellectual Capacity: 16
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 12
Presence of Being: 8

Offensive Fighting Ability: 14 (has mastered several sword techniques; rating of 8 without his sword)
Defensive Fighting Ability: 13 with sword, 9 without
Special Attack Power: 8 (when needed, Tom can bore others to tears by droning on and on about ancient Mystic texts)
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #17 on: January 28, 2007, 05:53:24 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Flynneth Argos Falkan
Other Names: Flynn, the wandering wyrm.
Apparent Age: Roughly late 20's/early 30's by human accounting.
Height: 5 ft, 10 in
Weight: 165 lbs

Tail Length: 3 ft, 9 in
Gender: Female/Middlesex
Bloodline: 64% Csyelusian, 36% Mystic
Era: Modern

Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour(s): Black
Scale Colour: Sandy-Yellow
Skin Tone: Light Sand
Primary Birthmark: Sun-like rays surrounding rough circle on back.
Secondary Birthmarks:
  • Mother's Side: Nested crescent marks on both thighs.
  • Father's Side: Three "<"-shaped marks on backs of hands and upper tail.
  • Other: All markings are medium to dark chocolate in color.
General Build: Healthy and very slightly muscular.
Hair Style: Long, straight, mostly swept-back.
Mannerisms: Witty, quirky, outspoken, friendly. Speaks with a slight accent (which humans would term as "Cochney"). Tends to wring her tail when she's nervous.
Typical Clothing Worn: Jeans, tees, tanks, hoodies, half-tops, and shorts. Prefers long, flowing coats or leather jackets. Rarely wears skirts or dresses. Typical clothing colors include: black, grey, blue, purple, pale pink, brown, white, and orange. Rarely green, and never red, aqua, dark pink, or yellow.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, philosophy, Origami, and ancient weapons.
Likes: Her husband, hot dry weather, strawberry soda, personal space, a sense of humor.
Dislikes: Overcrowding, being alone, sports, being wet, and noisy animals.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Has an intense fear of the dark. Severely alleric to coconut. Although she keeps it a closely-guarded secret, Flynn's powers don't work while she's actively exposed to running water (standing in a creek, being out in the rain, etc).

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Friendly/Witty/Eccentric

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 12
Manual Dexterity: 10
Fitness Level: 14
Intellectual Capacity: 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 15
Presence of Being: 13

Offensive Fighting Ability: 10 - Her only real offense is her inner fire. She doesn't have much training in weapons, aside from bows and throwing knives. She knows how to use a gun (pistols and rifles), but isn't very accurate.
Defensive Fighting Ability: 9 - Very little. A paltry bit of martial arts training, and a decent knowledge of how to effectively use convenient objects as a shield (such as a wastebin lid).
Special Powers: 14 - Can employ lesser healing powers, perceive magic and spirits, create runes, dispel magical effects, and call forth "inner fire" to project as a ranged attack (fire/spirit damage).

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #18 on: February 08, 2007, 12:49:03 AM »
Name:blaze phoenix
Other Names:dj blaze heatnix
Apparent Age:22
Bloodline:half mystic half skylord

Eye Color:emerald greenish blue
Hair Colors:blond with neon green bangs
Scale Color:red
Skin Tone:yellow
Primary Birthmark:neon green bangs
Secondary Birthmarks:black tribal wings but the one on the right is odd
Mother's Side:blue crescent moon over right eye
Father's Side:a black circlet pattern on fore head and wraps around to behind the ears and on the center of the fore head is a blue dot
Other:black ear and tail tips

General Build:skinny and speedy
Hair Style:long and spiked
Mannerisms:usually ready to fight but would rather play music then anything else or lay out in the sun or in a tree
Typical Clothing Worn:black vest over a black muscle shirt and black baggy pants has a long sleeved jacket tied around waist and flip flops or a blue button up long shirt with blue denim baggy pants and a white muscle shirt<black for bad or devious moods and blue for happy and lazy moods>and a necklace of two dragons wrapped around an elegant sword and a metalchoker

Hobbies:music,trouble making
Likes:music,getting cough in the act
Dislikes:too much silence,authority figures

Notable Weakness or Fears:has a taboo complex and cloud envy

Classification:drifting musician

Physical Prowess:9
Manual Dexterity:14
Fitness Level:13
Intellectual Capacity:14
Willpower/Mental Faculties:10
Presence of Being:16

Offensive Fighting Ability:studies capoeira and basic combat and weapon skills
Defensive Fighting Ability:can't defend too well but is good at running up walls or moving to a better position
Special Attack Power:uses sound waves like a weapon and can induce flashes by what he calls his"strobe"ability his favorite ability is called flash bang and another is called sound reverb can also change color
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #19 on: February 08, 2007, 02:45:32 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Vinor
Other Names: Vin, Stephen, "The Insurgent"
Apparent Age: 18-22
Height: 5 ft, 5 in
Weight: 125 lbs
Tail Length: 4 ft, 2 in
Gender: Male
Bloodline: 90% Csyelusian, 10% Sa'arthas
Era: Ancient

Eye Colour: Greenish-blue w/ silver specks
Hair Colour(s): Black
Scale Colour: Silver
Skin Tone: Grey
Primary Birthmark: Long black slashes down shoulders, chest, back, tail, and wings
Secondary Birthmarks: Two red slashes crossing over the black slashes on back
Mother's Side: Red slashes
Father's Side: Black slashes
Other: -
General Build: Small, yet very muscular frame.
Hair Style: Laid-down spikes that go in random directions. Kept at about 4' long
Mannerisms: Laid-back, yet excitable. Also protective and very understanding.
Typical Clothing Worn: Blue or black jeans, simple t-shirts, and his trademark black leather jacket with two white stripes down the shoulers(rarely seen without it)

Hobbies: Hoarding Shinies and observing.
Likes: Shinies, being alone or in small groups, staying out of sight, coffee, and the night.
Dislikes: Being around too many things at once, being inside for too long, and the morning.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Nothing...or should I say...the state of Nothing...that and shinies...Ooo Shiny! *chases*...

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Half-dragon

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 14
Manual Dexterity: 16
Fitness Level: 12
Intellectual Capacity: 13
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 12
Presence of Being: 10

Offensive Fighting Ability: 12- Self-taught... The only weakness is if things are faster(very few) or greatly stronger(a lot). Prefers to strategize and execute/assassinate rather than fight. Self-trained in the use of swords and the boomerang (I think i should get a point just for that...).
Defensive Fighting Ability: 16- Nigh impenetrable and unobtainable.
Special Powers: 12- Anything a dragon can do...just on a smaller scale. Specializes in infiltrating, obtaining information, and remaining undetected.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #20 on: February 08, 2007, 03:16:09 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name:Kar Borros
Other Names:Dawn speaker
Apparent Age:22
Bloodline:cliff angle75% mystic 25%

Eye Color:green
Hair Color(s):black
Scale Color:white
Skin Tone:blue
Primary Birthmark:red  on back
Secondary Birthmarks:the red circle and black circle on opposit hands
1) Mother's Side:bold red line runnig down past his left eye
2) Father's Side:black spiral on stomach
3) Other:

General Build:slender and frail for his size
Hair Style:spiked and short
Mannerisms:honest, fair, and determined but will always make time for fun and games, and is a little superstitious
Typical Clothing Worn:jeans and dressshirt (formal but casual)

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes:likes to listen to music for hours on end, coming up with and solving puzzles, and playing baketball

Notable Weakness or Fears:Kar is frail and often injured every day, because of this Kar cannot stand the site of blood

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Fireball

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength)12
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity)13
Fitness Level: (constitution)8
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence)14
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom)15
Presence of Being: (charisma)12

Offensive Fighting Ability:9 fire shield: wreathes his entire body in flames for less than a minute without harming any of his possessions
Defensive Fighting Ability:11 flare of light, bright light which blinds and is used for get aways (side efects may cause sun burn)
Special Attack Power:16 super nova: kar draws his power from the sun and when put under much distress can form a globe fire  between his palms that explodes into a sphere of flames with a 50ft radius, kar cannot produce the super nova at will and always centers on himself
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #21 on: February 09, 2007, 02:10:42 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Kalriem
Other Names: Kal, Hammar dude
Apparent Age:19
Bloodline:I'll refrain from this till we get a refresher as to which ones there are...

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color(s): Blonde
Scale Color:Red
Skin Tone:Tan
Primary Birthmark: Working...
Secondary Birthmarks: "
1) Mother's Side: "
2) Father's Side: "
3) Other: "

General Build:Lanky
Hair Style:Messy
Mannerisms: Quiet, attempts at humor, practices sword forms if bored
Typical Clothing Worn:Smithy stuff

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes:Smithing, sword fighting, hand to hand combat, science (alchemy), sorcery, reading, chess, animals
Dislikes failure, stupidity, irresponsibility, nobility, relaxing, being disturbed, those who are annoying for it's own sake

Notable Weakness or Fears: Tends to over-think things, and subsequently mess up. Is too tense and easily frustrated.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification:Smith, fighter

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 14
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 10
Fitness Level: (constitution) 12
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 14
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 8
Presence of Being: (charisma) 8

Offensive Fighting Ability: 10
Defensive Fighting Ability: 9
Special Attack Power: Hammar of DOOM! There can be no defense. :cool:

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors:
Name: Miller Morgans
Other Names: Mill
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 55kg
Gender: male
Bloodline: Skylord
Era: past

Eye Color: yellow
Hair Color(s): black
Scale Color: sandy
Skin Tone: tan
Primary Birthmark: dark stroke from the neck - through the back - to the end of the tail
Secondary Birthmarks: same strokes on the arms, from the shoulders to the hands
1) Mother's Side: red dots on the left leg
2) Father's Side: red dots on the right arm
3) Other: -

General Build: Athletic
Hair Style: ponytail
Mannerisms: sarcastic funny, lazy
Typical Clothing Worn: Black coat with same pants and red shirt

Likes: rain, matrial arts, swords, good company
Dislikes: nobility, strong winds

Notable Weakness or Fears: afraid of bees

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Monk

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 16
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 14
Fitness Level: (constitution)12
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 10
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 8
Presence of Being: (charisma) 10

Offensive Fighting Ability: 14
Defensive Fighting Ability: 8
Special Attack Power: Forehead of Fury (fear meh)
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #23 on: February 19, 2007, 10:05:40 PM »
This'll be fun trying to remember what I had. :P

Basic Descriptors
Name: Gnome
Other Names: Gnomey
Apparent Age: 18
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Skylord (those are the ones with the brilliant funky colorations...right?)
Era: Modern (methinks).

Eye Color: brown/hazel
Hair Color(s): bright turquise in front, dark blue in back.
Scale Color: purple
Skin Tone: light purple
Primary Birthmark: Tribal marking on tail.
Secondary Birthmarks: two stripes on ears.
1) Mother's Side: Mark on leg.
2) Father's Side: Mark on knee.
3) Other: Ears are a different shape, droop down further than normal, and are slightly transparent.

General Build: slightly pudgy
Hair Style: v-cut
Mannerisms: lazy. hyper. borderline mad (XD).
Typical Clothing Worn: loose clothes. The occassional robe and cloak. Likes hats. Has been spotted with a puchuu hat on many occassions.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Likes anime characters, obsesses over certain male anime/video game characters, dislikes too much school.

Notable Weakness or Fears: "They're" after her puchuu hat.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Illusionist.

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 6
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 8
Fitness Level: (constitution) 10
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 15
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 13
Presence of Being: (charisma) 18

Offensive Fighting Ability: Nonexistant.
Defensive Fighting Ability: Invisibility.
Special Attack Power: Obsessive fangirl pounce.

picture of Gnome that I drew

edit :: good lord, coming back years later I realize this is a total Mary Sue. @@ New personae and possible username change on its way.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #24 on: March 08, 2007, 09:09:07 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Dratai Raydan
Other Names: Dratty, Dratsy, Raider
Apparent Age: 17-ness
Height: 180cm / 5'9"
Weight: 68kg / 149lbs
Gender: Adrogenous
Bloodline: Half and half, Csyelusian/Skylord
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Reddish brown
Hair Color(s): Black, occationally red near the edges.
Scale Color: Green
Skin Tone: light tan/sandy
Primary Birthmark: Two blue triangular marks, one on each cheek, near the far corners of his eyes. Looked like he was crying when he was younger.
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: ''arrowhead'' pattern of red lines along his tail and up his back
2) Father's Side: Black pattern much like the red one Sasha has/had around his waist in the old comic. (No idea if he still has that, seeing as we're just at the end of the prologue in the new one)
3) Other: What seems to be two scars near his right eye, small, and almost joined (not a strongly visible one)

General Build: Kind-of-thin/Aerodynamic. (Think; Girly boy, with a little more cleavage when shirtless?)
Hair Style: Ragged, yet somehow tidy
Mannerisms: Switches between cheerful and dark mooded. Caring, but mischievous.
Typical Clothing Worn: Loose cargo pants, some thight fitting t-shirt or other under a thin jacket. Usually half-dark colours like gray, darker reds and blues. And a scarf of some sort?

Sport, dance (and none of that ballerina stuff either ^.~.^), singing/humming, playing instruments, martial arts, Drawing art, skating.

Has a slight dislike to windless places, nothing too strong. Dislikes the thunder and lightning to a strong degree due to a childhood accident, yet loves the rainy days still.

Notable Weakness or Fears:
Usually the first to get bored when there's nothing to do.
Loves the rain, fears the thunder to a degree. (ooooh, contradictions)

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Wise-cracked mischievous hugger.

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength)10
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity)16
Fitness Level: (constitution)15
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence)13
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom)9
Presence of Being: (charisma)11

Offensive Fighting Ability: Unarmed, spears and poles, throwing weapons. Kicking the sweet spot.
Defensive Fighting Ability: Twisting out of the way in an awkward manner, causing hillarious situations. Making faces/distractive expressions.
Special Attack Power: One-two-three (Head-crotch-stomach blow). Roar - Momentarily paralyze enemy or force into retreat. Cute or sexy expressions, Effect varies according to person and/or expression.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Name: Alexander
Other Names: Alex
Apparent Age: middle twenties by Human count.
Height: 5,3
Weight: 62 KG
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Skylord
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color(s): Auburn
Scale Color: Orange/dark reddish
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Primary Birthmark: Two black halfmoons on his shoulder blades.
Secondary Birthmarks: Black tiger strips along his spine.
1) Mother's Side: Red (almost invisibly) on the outsides of his forearms.
2) Father's Side: Black arrow like pattern on his stomach.
3) Other: None.

General Build: Somewhat athletic, a 'swimmers' build.
Hair Style: Short and somewhat spiky. Tends to look casually tossled.
Mannerisms: Generally polite, takes some warming up before really starting to talk, once talking can be hard to shut up. Moody and grouchy moments from time to time.
Typical Clothing Worn: Jeans, varied t-shirts and sweaters. Leather jackets of a few styles to fit 'whatever occasion'.

HOBBIES: Video games, shopping. Window shopping. Walking.
LIKES: Friendly people that are pretty to look at. Looking at pretty people. Lovely days. Anything that is pleasing to the senses of emotions.
DISLIKES: Stupid people and rude people. People that insist on confronting him on things they disagree with about him.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Can be insecure. Can't stand being in crowded rooms.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Shwa?

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 11
Manual Dexterity: 11
Fitness Level: 13
Intellectual Capacity: 14
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 12
Presence of Being: 14 (Or 6.. just depending on mood and people I am with.) Love me or hate me!

Offensive Fighting Ability: I am sure others can handle it.
Defensive Fighting Ability: Never play fair. Always have the advantage. Isn't afraid to be 'honorless' or disgrace himself. I mean come on! It's defending one self!
Special Attack Power: It's called a gun or as I like to call it 'You don't want to fight'.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #26 on: March 14, 2007, 05:57:43 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name:Cassandra(CASPAR!) Alexis McArthur
Other Names: Caspar
Apparent Age: looks to be 19human years old
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Csyelusian
Era: modern

Eye Color: Pink (lack of pigment)
Hair Color(s): Snow white
Scale Color: Snow white
Skin Tone: light pink
Primary Birthmark: Trail of irregular spots along her spine
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: three small star shapes on left ankle
2) Father's Side:three thin bands on tips of ears and tip of tail
3) Other: three small star shapes above left breast, three small star shapes on right hip.

General Build: Slender and lithe. She's thin from ballet and gymnastics, but still a 34/c in the chest area. Barely a pinch of fat on her from training. Muscular without bulk, more toned then anything. Hourglass figure.
Hair Style: Usually straight but slightly wavy, falling to her lower back. Cut in layers. It's naturally curly, with soft ringlets, but she normally straightens or blow drys it.
Mannerisms:Shy and mild mannered, she's a bit of a bookworm/doodlebug. Polite and normally quiet, unless in the company of friends, in which case she can be a bit more outgoing. She's normally seen as innocent and naiive, though she might just not be. When with her friends she's a bit more outspoken, though she often thinks things through before speaking and can seem a bit timid.
Typical Clothing Worn: blue jeans, tight at the waistline, then flare out in the legs, tight black t-shirt exposing her midsection reads "my eyes are up here" in small white writing with an arrow above the lettering. May also be seen wearing a black zip-up hoodie with cat ears on the hood, the inside of the ears are pink. Usually wears a pair of gray converse-style sneakers that have been drawn on so much that you can barely tell they were ever gray, they look more like a mishmash of colors and doodles. A messenger style bag, covered in doodles as well, contains a tablet laptop that she rarely leaves home without as well as a normal sketchbook and a variety of drawing tools.
Piercings: five in left ear. Labret. Vertical Sternum(between the breasts), vertical anti eyebrow. Most of these can be seen in my avatar =P. Sometimes she's drawn with them, sometimes I'm too lazy.

Hobbies: Video games, gymnastics, violin, piano, singing, drawing, painting, art in general. Reading, writing, riding her bike, Online MMORPGs, D&D, hanging out, listening to music, etc..
Likes: Gymnastics, violin, piano, reading, drawing and art of all kinds, animals, ice cream, insects, video games, comic books, collecting stuff, rocks, oceans, hang gliding, girls, etc..
Dislikes: Close-minded and obnoxious people, airplanes, tofu, muscle cramps, men who hit on her, people who treat her as a curiousity etc..

Notable Weakness or Fears: Fear of fish, pregnant women, airplanes and tall men. Has bad ankles.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Full Time Dreamer

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 11
Manual Dexterity: 15
Fitness Level: 14
Intellectual Capacity: 14
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 13
Presence of Being: Depends. She's not intimidating, that's for sure. But she is rather cute. I'll say 12.

Offensive Fighting Ability: HA! ummmm 6?
Defensive Fighting Ability: maybe.. 9
Special Attack Power: Voice of an Angel: very few know it but Caspar can sing REALLY well. The ability to sooth any beast =P

Pics: Here, here, here and here.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Whatever I could remember from back then.

Basic Descriptors
Name: Serylis Stormsinger
Other Names: StormDragoness, Stormy, DarkStormy, DracasTempestas
Apparent Age: 25
Height: Above Average
Weight: Average
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Trace Mystic, Trace Cliff Angel
Era: Current

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color(s): White
Scale Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale Blue
Primary Birthmark: Golden veins across sides.
Secondary Birthmarks: Mottled purple along spine.
1) Mother's Side: Primary
2) Father's Side: Secondary
3) Other:

General Build:
Hair Style: Shoulder Length, straight
Mannerisms: Benevolent
Typical Clothing Worn: Revealing, White

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Enjoys all things technological, Dislikes things that could be done more efficiently with better tools.

Notable Weakness or Fears: None

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Philosopher

Physical Prowess: 9 (strength)
Manual Dexterity: 11 (dexterity)
Fitness Level: 14 (constitution)
Intellectual Capacity: 15 (intelligence)
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 15 (wisdom)
Presence of Being: 15 (charisma)

Offensive Fighting Ability: None
Defensive Fighting Ability: None
Special Attack Power: Mindless Fury ( Increases strength and dexterity by 10, but lowers Intelligence and Willpower by 10 )

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Name: Samuel Rudo
Other Names: Sam, The Random One
Apparent Age: Almost 25 in Kuvvie years
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: About 105 pounds (in other words, very light)
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Skylord
Era: Present

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Scale Color: Red
Skin Tone: Light grey (VERY light, almost white)
Primary Birthmark: Straight, black stripe down back and tail
Secondary Birthmark: None
Mother's Side: Dark red stripes on arms
Father's Side: Similar stripes on legs
Other: None

General Build: Rather skinny, but not TOO skinny! :D
Hair Style: Long and slightly wavy
Mannerisms: Habit of twirling hair
Typical Clothing Worn: Randomly-picked shirt and a hoodie if it's cold, along with some jeans

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Reading and playing video games/Hanging out and talking with friends or sleeping in/Evil, cruel people

Notable Weaknesses or Fears: Heights and dangerous animals

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Nerd :P

On a scale of 6 to 16, rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 7
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 9
Fitness Level: (constitution) 7
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 10
Presence of Being: (charisma) 8

Offensive Fighting Ability: Being a distraction!
Defensive Fighting Ability: Skillful dodging
Special Attack Power: Very powerful tail whip
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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I guess I've put this off long enough...

Basic Descriptors
Name: ???
Other Names: Ghost
Apparent Age: 22
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Csyelusian / Cliff Angel
Era: ---

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour(s): Light brown
Scale Colour:  Medium grey
Skin Tone: Light grey
Primary Birthmark: Black "tiger stipes" On his back...
Secondary Birthmarks:---
1) Mother's Side:---
2) Father's Side:---
3) Other:---

General Build: Lean and athletic
Hair Style: Shoulder length, loose and wild
Mannerisms: A punkish daredevil, a real wildcard...
Typical Clothing Worn: Black camoflage cargo pants with combat boots. Usually he'll wear a loose, button up shirt that's sky blue with black tribal dragons on it, or have what looks like and old faded green army jacket, with the left arm off at the shoulder and the other off at the elbow. (That side has a faded Army/Sky Navy patch on the shoulder.)

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Likes big guns, fast vehicles, and good booze. Usually is found flying his airship, the Hell-Bat. He likes his buster sword. He hates being bored.

Notable Weakness or Fears: He has problems with traps...

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: rogue, fighter, psycho

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 10
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 11
Fitness Level: (constitution) 12
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 8
Presence of Being: (charisma) 15.8

Offensive Fighting Ability: 10
Defensive Fighting Ability: 9
Special Attack Power: N/A

PM me if there are problems with this. (There shouldn't be any...)

Updated 3-25-07
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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