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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2007, 06:33:15 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Thro'an Loveless
Other Names:Tom
Apparent Age:18 (human years)

Eye Color:Gold
Hair Color(s):Dark Blue
Scale Color:Navy Blue
Skin Tone:Light Blue
Primary Birthmark:Small crescent shape on left shoulder
Secondary Birthmarks:Lines on forearms
1) Mother's Side:crescent
2) Father's Side:lines
3) Other: symbol over right eye

General Build:Slim, not flexible, tall.
Hair Style:Shaggy, parted at front
Mannerisms:A very rare individual. Honest and goodhearted,with a caged dark side, solitary, slow, usually calm and shy, hyper and immature when with friends or having a good time. A living oxymoron.
Typical Clothing Worn: Random shirts, a jacket most of the time, jeans, khakis, sweats ,anything that's comfortable.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes:Sleeping,reading, video games, meditating, writing (stories) being lazy.
Notable Weakness or Fears:What comes after death.
Additional Optional Statistics

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength)9
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity)14
Fitness Level: (constitution)6
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence)13
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom)16
Presence of Being: (charisma)10

Offensive Fighting Ability:12
Defensive Fighting Ability:16
Special Attack Power:Can fuse and manipulate any physical object or material he comes into contact with. Usually solid objects, can fuse with liquid, but still a bit shaky on that. Don't know how to fuse with energy/plasma (fire, electricity, etc.) yet.

*edit* s'been a while since I been here, things are slow but I'm still readin the comic thought I'd update
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2007, 06:33:15 AM »

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #31 on: March 28, 2007, 04:40:22 AM »
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #32 on: March 29, 2007, 08:22:49 PM »
Ok here is mine I fergot I needed to make a new one.

Name: Jess Zane Lambert (goes by middle name)
Other Names: Turbo, Mad genius, Zane the Insane, dumb ass, and Time freak
Apparent Age: 26 ( In kuvrahk  years)
Height: 5ft 4 in    ( 1m 10cm)
Weight: 120 lbs    ( 54Kg)
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Mystic and Sa'Arthas

Era: modern
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown
Scale Color: blue
Skin Tone: white
Primary Birthmark: Red star on right shoulder
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: blue slash like mark on back
2) Father's Side: Yellow line going down front left leg.

General Build: Lean and flexible
Hair Style: Bladed back
Typical Clothing Worn: Blue T shirt ,Blue jeans pants or Blue jeans Shorts (depends on the temperature)
Hobbies: Games, Drawing, running for fun, guns and blade fighting
Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Anima, Playing mind game with others and practicing sharpshooting with 22 very good with it
Dislike: Talking for long period of time, running in track, track meets and boring or stupid shows

Notable: Personality changes a lot and likes to help others and be a hero
Weakness: ware glasses and can’t see with out them on
Fears: Water, if he can’t see the bottom off it, rattlesnakes, Bulls and Flying in plans and large farm animals ( Lives on a farm ironically )

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: A crazy teen.

Physical Prowess: 9
Manual Dexterity: 12
Fitness Level: 8
Intellectual Capacity: 16
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 16 (just try and play me at chess or advance wars)
Presence of Being: 13 (has a bit of a ego.)
Offensive Fighting Ability: Can edit time and space using his camera 
Defensive Fighting Ability: split second dodging (doesn’t like to move much but doesn’t like getting hit punch.)
Special Attack Power: Time jump, If his life is in danger or he really needs to he will jump to a random time era and has to wait one weak before he and anyone he has with him back to the present he also has no control over were or when he lands can only guide it within a 1,000 years.

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #33 on: April 16, 2007, 06:36:35 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Sparky Triggentau Bluefang
Other Names:
Apparent Age: 42 (equivalent to a 25 year old Human)
Height: 6'3" / 1.905 m
Weight: 170 lbs / 77 kg
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Sa'Arthas (size and muscularity) and Csyelusian (color)
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Deep blue
Hair Color(s): Dark dirty blonde with highlights
Scale Color: Grass green
Skin Tone: Matte platinum grey
Primary Birthmark: A splash of cobalt blue across the top of his snout
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: A cobalt blue zig-zag that starts above the hairline, runs down the middle of his back, and goes nearly to the tip of his tail.
2) Father's Side: A dusting of pale red spots/freckles on each shoulder and upper arm.
3) Other: Splashes of darker green along the top of each hand/foot and lower forearm/leg.

General Build: Broad and muscular, but not bulky. Very athletic.
Hair Style: Mid-length and somewhat spiky. It's kept out of his face with a faded and tattered orange bandana.
Mannerisms: A social recluse. Tends to stay away from large groups of people because he feels uncomfortable. Though he seems dark and stormy on the outside, once you get to know him he is a very outgoing. He is very loyal and will go out of his way to help a friend on need. However, he can still be very temperamental and aggressive, so don't get on his bad side.
Typical Clothing Worn:  Baggy brown pants, medium-grey t-shirt, tattered black leather biker jacket that's a size too big, faded orange headband/bandana

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Is a very technical person (loves computers) and he studies/practices dual-wielding sword fighting.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Dislikes being around lots of people. Stands our in a crowd.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Warrior

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 16
Manual Dexterity: 13
Fitness Level: 14
Intellectual Capacity: 13
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 15
Presence of Being: 7

Offensive Fighting Ability: 15
Defensive Fighting Ability: 10
Special Attack Power:
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #34 on: May 25, 2007, 07:04:18 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Sarek Odim (SaR-eck Oh-dim)
Other Names: "Sark" "Sarkasm" (Sarek hates to be called either of those)
Apparent Age: 27 Cavrisian years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Csyelusians
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color(s): Brown
Scale Color: Olive
Skin Tone: Light grey
Primary Birthmark: Black mark on the chest that looks like an upside Private insignia from the army
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: Swigly brown marks on tail
2) Father's Side: Two red marks on the stomach

General Build: Lean build, not very muscular
Hair Style: Neat and combed to the side
Mannerisms: Quiet, critical, pessimistic (or as Sarek likes to call it, "realistic")
Typical Clothing Worn:
Glasses: Black-rimmed prescription glasses
Shirt: Black T-shirt
Jacket: (When applicable) Black windbreaker
Pants: Blue Jeans
Shoes: (When applicable) Black sneakers

Hobbies: Reading, writing fiction, roleplaying, psychology, and playing computer games (Usually carries his laptop around)
Likes: Being alone, computers, messing with people's minds, coffee, fresh air, guns
Dislikes: Big crowds, idiots, being bothered, idiots, espresso, idiots, peer pressure, idiots, noise and... idiots.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Insultive and critical nature can get him into trouble

Additional Optional Statistics:
Classification: Critic

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 12
Manual Dexterity: 13
Fitness Level: 9
Intellectual Capacity: 15
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 14
Presence of Being: 8

Offensive Fighting Ability: 13-Accurate with firearms
Defensive Fighting Ability: 11-Experienced in martial arts
Special Attack Power: Very fast and has good reflexes

Tell me if I did something wrong. ;)
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #35 on: May 26, 2007, 09:45:49 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Tokenekie
Other Names: Token, Toki
Apparent Age: 19
Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
Weight:130 lbs (59 kg)
Tail Length:4'6" (136 cm) (80%)
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Csyelusian (Dragon? [wings 75%] *FAQ unclear*)
Era: Modern

Eye Color:
Hair Color(s):
Scale Color:
Skin Tone:
Primary Birthmark: Long dark streak starting from tail-base to tail tip. Streak is approximately 1.5 inches wide (majority of scales remain normal scale color). Dark streak constitutes a darker shade of scale color.
1) Mother's Side: Darker shaded streaks on both ears parallel to ear bones. Two streaks per ear on both sides of each ear.
2) Father's Side: Single darker streak on spine starting from neck base to mid-neck. Thin streak tapers to a point on both ends.

General Build: Medium build. Defined muscles, strong legs.
Hair Style: Slicked backwards toward base of neck. Slightly spiked.
Mannerisms: Reserved and calculated. Cool minded. Shows emotions through physical expressions and few words. Mentally energetic.
Typical Clothing Worn: Simple collared button-down shirt (rolled up sleeves, buttoned, untucked), dark jeans. Sometimes worn with semi-formal blazer.

Hobbies – Experimenting (all kinds  ;)), traveling, dreaming, construction, running.
Likes – Art, culture, community, mechanics, music (many genres), expensive foods, electronics, education.
Dislikes – Speaking, strict authority, the impossible, excessiveness, money.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Mild thantophobia, fears futility.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Amoeba

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 11
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 15
Fitness Level: (constitution) 14
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 16 *Happy kuvvie*
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 16
Presence of Being: (charisma) 7 *Sad kuvvie*

Offensive Fighting Ability: *secret*
Defensive Fighting Ability: *secretses*
Special Attack Power: *more secretses*
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #36 on: June 18, 2008, 07:22:16 PM »
Basic Descriptors[sassy, giggly, funny stuff like that. ]
Other Names[sashaluvr :)]:
Apparent Age[20]:
Weight[I dont think u wanna go there!!]:
Era[the new one ]:

Eye Color[blue/green/grey]:
Hair Color(s):
Scale Color[albino]:
Skin Tone]:
Primary Birthmark[one slash under each eye]:
Secondary Birthmarks[diamond on my back ]:
1)[diamond] Mother's Side:
2)[clover on the bottom of my foot.] Father's Side:
3) Other:

General Build[sexy body but tuff]:
Hair Style[long black hair with deep red highlights. ]:
Mannerisms[loud giggly, very smart, much of an ass kicker.:)]:
Typical Clothing Worn[sexy pirate clothes]:

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: likes- anything dangerous and fun playing pranks on people, dont like people playing jokes on me or ruth.

Notable Weakness or Fears: fire

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: pirate of the great salt lakes.

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 10
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 4
Fitness Level: (constitution)15
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence)10
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 16
Presence of Being: (charisma) 15

Offensive Fighting Ability: 13
Defensive Fighting Ability:13
Special Attack Power:13

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #37 on: April 13, 2009, 07:02:40 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name:IDK, using Firespikez until I get a decent name ><
Other Names:
Apparent Age:18
Bloodline: skylord or mystics, apparently...
Era: modern

Eye Color: blue
Hair Color(s): indigo
Scale Color:red/dark red
Skin Tone: orange
Primary Birthmark:...see avy and arrows on right wrist
Secondary Birthmarks:still trying to find something

General Build: Athletic but a little tuff
Hair Style: ichigo-kind of anime/punk hair or w/e you call it xD
Mannerisms: sleepy and energetic at the same time (rofl) random, a bit crazy and funny but friendly if you're not a zombie or any kind of enemy, certain conditions apply tho...
Typical Clothing Worn: green shirt with white sleeves or anything similar


Notable Weakness or Fears: long and painful deaths. and onions.

Additional Optional Statistics

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 11
Manual Dexterity:12
Fitness Level: 8
Intellectual Capacity:8
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 9
Presence of Being: 7
Offensive Fighting Ability: 15
Defensive Fighting Ability:13
Special Attack Power: 14
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #38 on: April 26, 2009, 10:34:38 AM »
I've decided that my kuvvie self needs a new look, something to set her apart from my general wurm persona, so I'm going to be putting up new art of her done by myself, and I'm hoping to commission a piece from Caz as well. :)

Height: Above average for a kuvrahk.

Eyes: Violet purple.

Hair: Long, straight and white with a peachy tint. Leaves her bangs free and ties the rest in a ponytail.

Scales: Deep raspberry.

Skin: Pale-orange.

Details: Black tongue and nails. Has areas of reddish-black "freckles" on her upper arms, hips and thighs, lower back, and upper tail.

Wings (for fantasy age): Raspberry struts with pale-orange membranes.

Sex and Gender: Looks outwardly very female, but is physically more towards the "inbetween".

Body Type: Average build/weight/bust/hips/etc.

Accessories: Metal-frame glasses, both earfins pierced with onyx rings, and an amethyst crystal attached to a thin black chain around her neck.

Clothing: In modern times, she favors jeans and jean-skirts, and her favorite shirt is a black tee with a metallic-pink Decepticon symbol on it. For fantasy-age, she wears a long black shirt with a low back that comes almost down to her knees, and a leather belt, bracers, and sandals.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #39 on: April 27, 2009, 05:48:25 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Justin
Other Names: Jolly Justin, Justin the Jolly, Retarded
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Mystic
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color(s): Dark Brown
Scale Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Cream
Primary Birthmark: Red "Eye of Horus" around left eye
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: White "Teardrop" (slightly crescent-shaped) under right eye, far corner (away from the nose)
2) Father's Side: Red "Ladder" of horizontal slashes down the back, wide at the shoulders narrowing down toward tailbase
3) Other: None

General Build: Heavy
Hair Style: Long
Mannerisms: Gregarious, loud, unserious
Typical Clothing Worn: Gold and black long "pirate" coat and sash, black tricorne hat with gold trim and varying-color feather, white cotton shirt, black breeches, wide-cuff leather gloves, wide-cuff leather boots

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Enjoys goofing off, playing around, laughing, eating red meat, drinking caffeine excessively, making jokes that don't have to be good

Notable Weakness or Fears: Intense phobia of deep water, handles most things by being dictatorial or completely unserious

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: What?

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 7
Manual Dexterity: 8
Fitness Level: 9
Intellectual Capacity: 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 11
Presence of Being: 15

Offensive Fighting Ability: 6 (10 with guns)
Defensive Fighting Ability: 7 (10 with guns)
Special Attack Power: Surprise shotgun buttsex
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #40 on: May 12, 2009, 04:24:01 AM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Arthur Gale
Other Names: N/A (for now...)
Apparent Age: early 30's
Height:  5' 6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Csyelusian
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Reddish Brown
Hair Color(s): Originally blonde, it shifted to pure white after mysterious chain of events.
Scale Color: Moss green (that's a link, not the actual color)
Skin Tone: Beige
Primary Birthmark: A series of golden yellow "tiger stripes" that starts at the base of his neck, travels down his back and down the full length of his tail.
Secondary Birthmarks:  
1) Mother's Side: A small cluster of dark green "freckles" on top of his muzzle.
2) Father's Side: A jagged, diamond-shaped stripe of golden yellow on the back of each forearm.
3) Other: N/A

General Build: Avereage height and weight, moderately muscular
Hair Style: Short and spiky with a small wisp of a ponytail that's about 6-7 inches long.
Mannerisms: He has a charming go-with-the-flow attitude, but can become frighteningly serious in an instant when he needs to
Typical Clothing Worn: Black "wife beater", grey and white camouflage-pattern pants, black boots and thin-framed sunglasses with blue-tinted oval lenses

Hobbies: Handheld video games, parkour and martial arts
Likes: Pasta of pretty much any variety, light rock/reggae music and bright sunny days with gentle breezes
Dislikes: Crowded and noisy places, formal clothing and violent confrontations

Notable Weakness or Fears:  A fear of loss caused by the abduction and presumed death of two dear friends leaves him reluctant--but not unwilling--to form emotional attachments to others

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification:  Warrior Monk when unarmed, Halberdier/Lancer when armed

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:

Physical Prowess: (strength)  11
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 15
Fitness Level: (constitution) 11
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 13
Presence of Being: (charisma) 14

Offensive Fighting Ability: 11 - moderate ability with spear and polearm weapons
Defensive Fighting Ability: 12 - moderately skilled at evading and weapon parries
Special Attack Power:  15 -  possesses some healing abilities and can unleash gale-force winds and searing bursts light and electricity
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #41 on: June 02, 2009, 01:41:23 PM »
Yay for being new right? figured might as well do this

Basic Descriptors
Name:Zalarian Cazen
Other Names: Zal
Apparent Age:25ish
Height:5'9" (175.26cm)
Weight:125lbs (56.75kg)
Bloodline:50% Csyelusian, 35% Sa'Artha 16% Cliff Angel
Era: Modern

Eye Color:Yellow eyes with grey iris
Hair Color(s):Black with natural blond and red highlights
Scale Color:Primarly medium grey with dark patches, as well as brown down the arms and legs
Skin Tone:Tan
Primary Birthmark:Narow yellow sripe from the tip of the snout down the back to the tip of the tail
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side:Green "Gauntlet" scales around the wrists
2) Father's Side:Red celtic trinity knot on the back overlaying the yellow stripe
3) Other:Boney elbow and knee pads constantly filed down to avoid injuring any one and to keep clothing from riping

General Build:Athletic
Hair Style:Short half the year and steadly grows out to be about 6" long and bushy
Mannerisms:Has a hard time controling his anger and lets it show, some of the other kuvvie who know him ave said hes like 2 different people in the same body.
Typical Clothing Worn:Button up tshirt, blue jeans, either sneakers or barefoot, in the winter a leather jacket single earring in his left earfin.

Hobbies) Bmx Biking, Chating on line, listening to music.
Likes) Most food known to kuvvie kind as he has a quicker metabolism then most, being out at the local park just jumping ramps on his bike, siting in a quiet room wiht headphones on.
Dislikes) Being agrivated, loosing controle of himself, Not lading corectly, favorite song messed up by either computer errors or remixers.

Notable Weakness or Fears:
Hes a loaner and has few real life friends, Angers quickly and looses controle even quicker. Fears losing controle of his rage al to gether.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Biker

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 10
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 11
Fitness Level: (constitution) 10
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 8
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 9
Presence of Being: (charisma) 6

Offensive Fighting Ability: 12
Defensive Fighting Ability: 10
Special Attack Power: Lift enemy tail, Insert bycycle, take money for replacement.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #42 on: June 19, 2009, 11:57:01 PM »
Basic Descriptors
Name: Drai Arcana Poisonwind
Other Names: "Dry gin", "Dry rum" (etc),
Apparent Age: 18 (or 25ish and monstrous when he's got his morning face)
Height: 170cm/approx 5"5'
Weight: 65kg/approx 140lbs
Gender: Androgyne
Bloodline: Csyelusian
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Somewhere between green and brown
Hair Color(s): Black
Scale Color: White-ish (faded brown)
Skin Tone: Creamy white
Primary Birthmark: A triangle under his right eye. The only mark he has that doesn't seem symmetrical.
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: Black stripes on shoulders, hips and tailbase.
2) Father's Side: Red "gloves and socks"
3) Other: He seems to have something like tiny little horns atop his head

General Build: Acrobatic.
Hair Style: Long brushed hair that still seems to have grown rather wildly.
Mannerisms: Goes between mischievous and mellow.
Typical Clothing Worn: Large black-orange-red scarf. Large black hoodie/shirt that almost doubles as a dress at times, right shoulder is labeled with an orange skull and bones with the words "soft kill" written under in white. Also jeans.

Hobbies: Drawing, humming, daydreaming, general prankstering.
Likes: Books, art, music, computers/widgets/gadgets, tea, the wind, the rain, plushies, myths and the occult.
Dislikes: Alcohol, he doesn't like the taste. He also doesn't like coasters, black coffee and other minor things.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Thunder can intimidate him sometimes. Other than that he can't hold his liqour as well as others.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Reality resistant

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: (strength) 7
Manual Dexterity: (dexterity) 13
Fitness Level: (constitution) 12
Intellectual Capacity: (intelligence) 12
Willpower/Mental Faculties: (wisdom) 14
Presence of Being: (charisma) 10

Offensive Fighting Ability: 12
Defensive Fighting Ability: 12, agile/slippery
Special Attack Power: (14) Attacks range from: "Insert foot in mouth" and "Slippery costumer" to "condencending laugh" and "androgyne charm" - more seriously, he'd be the red mage?
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
« Reply #43 on: July 15, 2009, 02:54:39 AM »
Well, I don't remember my old kuvvie profile, so...

Basic Descriptors
Other Names: "That one guy"
Apparent Age: 20ish
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 177 lbs
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Mystic
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color(s): Brown
Scale Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Reddish tan
Primary Birthmark: A large, dark green swatch running down his back.
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: Salmon orange feet; the transition up to the blue of his shins is an uneven mottled effect.
2) Father's Side: Grayed fingertips
3) Other: None to speak of.

General Build: Wiry
Hair Style: Shaggy, moplike
Mannerisms: Fidgety and ADD. Writes, doodles, or hammers away at a laptop constantly (laptop, obviously, is strictly out of continuity.)
Typical Clothing Worn:Yellow T-shirt with logos from various obscure foreign bands on them (typically ones that translate VERY badly), jeans, sandals. In cold weather wears an old army surplus trenchcoat. Only owns one hat - a battered black cowboy style hat that doesn't fit properly.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Hobbies: any and all kinds of game, miniature painting, writing (especially comedy), radio, gourmet cooking, and handball.
Likes: Spicy food, sammiches, any kind of music besides country, terrible kung fu movies, and fireworks.
Dislikes: Being broke, people that don't know how to drive.

Notable Weakness or Fears: GODDAMN BEES.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Journalist

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 10. While not especially powerful, he can handle himself okay.
Manual Dexterity: 12. A bit quicker on his feet than some.
Fitness Level: 14. Hasn't been to the doctor in years.
Intellectual Capacity: 14. Pretty quick on the uptake.
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 15. Rare levels of common sense.
Presence of Being: 12. A former theater kid.

Offensive Fighting Ability: 9 - A background in White Crane and Mantis kung-fu and bits and pieces picked up from various other sources have given him the basics, if not made him adept at fighting.
Defensive Fighting Ability: 13 - It's hard to bring him down between the fact that he's a highly mobile fighter - and even if you manage to ping him, a series of 15 kidney stones have made him immune to pain. Okay, not really, but he handles it freakishly well.
Special Attack Power: Fist of the Masseur - by utilizing knowledge of tender points, weak spots, and what massage therapists are specifically trained not to do, Seth can cause paralytic spasms, intense pain, or just break limbs with ease. Of course, getting in close and actually using these techniques leaves him open...

Edit because I didn't understand the offensive/defensive/etc rating properly.
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Name: Durai Bodasi
Other Names: Old Bode
Apparent Age: 110
Height: 5"3'
Weight: 130 lb
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Skylords
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color(s): Red Primary, black secondary
Scale Color: An unusually very dark brown
Skin Tone: A dark tan, fading into the dark brown with his scales.
Primary Birthmark: none
Secondary Birthmarks: none
1) Mother's Side: A small heart shape on the top base of his tail, colored Grey
2) Father's Side: A crescent moon on his muzzle tip, colored grey as well
3) Other: A seven sided star over his right eye, colored red.

General Build: Thin and lanky.
Hair Style: cut VERY short, and kept in an almost militaristic look.
Mannerisms: Grumpy, grouchy, and any other sort of 'old fart' kind of mannerism. He only gives advice if asked, however, feeling it's not his place if not asked.
Typical Clothing Worn: Black boots, black jeans, and usually a grey shirt.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Despite his age, he loves playing games with the younger crowd.

Notable Weakness or Fears: Has a major fear of poisonous creatures.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Explorer

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 10
Manual Dexterity: 10
Fitness Level: 8
Intellectual Capacity: 15
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 15
Presence of Being: 6

Offensive Fighting Ability: 6
Defensive Fighting Ability:16
Special Attack Power: 14
      Peace: Temporarily subdues his opponents with a psionic burst that makes them feel at peace with everything around them, including whoever they were fighting.

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