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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Actually, that's where the shimmer comes from... Post update time!
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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I'm not sure I'd be able to explain why my Kuvvie personea would be two people, but nonetheless I had a lot of fun composing the two characters. I've adhered to the unofficial Kuvahk guide as closely as I can (the population control seems to run counter to the story in Altermeta, since at least 3 of the main characters have families of at least 3 children). I'm still working on them a little, to polish it up and make them flow into the world shown in AM a little better. For example: The 'Pra' of Pra-Novahk is an honorific granted to the clan as recognition for their contributions to society and it's used as a sign of respect. The only time you wouldn't use it is when naming their clan, the Novahk clan (just like that). Otherwise, you address them as Pra-Novahk. Some families in real-life go by this convention. Most people just regard the whole as a single family name and don't know when to drop the honorific so they never do. As such, no one really cares about it except for those that know what it means. Similarly, it's of little consequence to most denizens of Cavris.

~The Novahk brothers~

Name: Janisova Pra-Novaahk (Pronounced jan-ee-soh-wa, pra-noh-vah-ahk)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Name: Bradonov Pra-Novahk (Pronounced brad-ohv-nahf, pra-noh-vah-ahk)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Other Names: Liram, just Liram
Apparent Age: 27
Height: 4’9” or 1.45m
Weight: 85lbs or 38.55kg
Gender: male
Bloodline: Primarily Skylord with a little mystic thrown in for variety's sake
Era: Modern

Eye Color: Green in the center half, blue the rest of the way out
Hair Color(s): Rich brown with hints of red
Scale Color: Yellow
Skin Tone: White
Primary Birthmark: faint lines start at the edge of the collar bone and sweep down before making their way toward the shoulder and flaring out into diminishing banners as they touch the top of each shoulder, these are silver
Secondary Birthmarks: a line of dots, silver as well, trace up from the small of the back and flair at the shoulders stopping just short of connecting to the lines on the other side they give the impression of epaulettes.
1) Mother's Side: Secondary marking and hair color, half of eye color
2) Father's Side: Primary markings and other half of eye color
3) Other: dots of silver circle the thickest part of the thigh, they're elongated and seem to fade away into the surround scales and skin

General Build: Broad chested and sturdily built though not overly heavy
Hair Style: Hair is worn at a mid length and stops just short of the bottoms of the ears. It is parted in the middle and billows in one large wave down either side of the head.
Mannerisms: Reserved and polite in conversation with people he does not know well, but frank if not coarse with close friends and relatives. Liram strives always to be courteous and will usually go out of his way to make sure others are not inconvenienced. He takes pride in considering others' thoughts and would never knowingly wound a friend. Fiercely loyal, even to a fault, his friends have only to ask and he will fly to their aid. He is ever open to new things and always tries to empathize even with his bitter enemies... after a reasonable cooling period. He is subject to the occasional outburst and though his anger lasts but a half hour at most, the heat of his gaze during that time could glaciers.

Typical Clothing Worn: Never to be seen without his cargo shorts in the summer Liram almost always opts for shirts with collars be it polos or button downs and favors a style of dress he would call "semi-casual." He wears a wristwatch daily without exception though the watches change from week to week. On his feet he prefers either sneakers or sandals with fabric straps. In his pocket you will usually find a pen-knife for the sake of preparedness.

Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: Liram's main past time is playing a shade tree mechanic. He buys and sells various "junkers" but always maintains a '63 Volkswagen Beetle. In his fleet there is usually a 4x4 of some sort, he favors wood grain at the moment and owns a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. He has been known to read the occasional book and dabbles in collecting pocket watches and other old-timey paraphernalia and is always up for a trip to the odd antique mall or flea market.

Likes: rainy nights or days for that matter, there is something soothing about the motion of the windshield wipers to him. He loves taking a drive through the countryside on motorcycle or in a car with the top down. His favorite season is fall and he loves spending time in what he considers old fashioned pursuits such as lawn games or card playing. Campfires are something he loves as he believes all the best conversation happens only around a fire. He applauds simple honesty and unreservedness though he cannot seem to cultivate the latter in himself

Dislikes: Rudeness, he does not mind someone expressing their mind, but he hates to see anyone mistreat someone else for whatever reason. He hates seeing things wasted and cannot abide people abusing machinery for some reason or other, perhaps he believes all machines have a sentience of some sort. He is not a fan of the extreme heat though cold does not bother him in the least. He has a serious problem with being told what to do unless he has developed a foundation of respect with the teller.

Notable Weakness or Fears: He is ever afraid of becoming too involved with a member of the opposite sex, he fears rejection more than anything else. Rejection in love, or in life deflates him completely.

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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Name: Nhiel   
Other Names: "hey you!"
Apparent Age: ~18 (human)
Height: 4feet10
Weight: 90
Gender: Male.
Bloodline: Csyelusians
Era: modern

Eye Color: dark green.
Hair Color(s): dark brown
Scale Color: brown
Skin Tone: deep grey
Primary Birthmark:  simple pitchblack V over his hips down to his groin,
Secondary Birthmarks:  both rather faint.
1) Mother's Side: Spots down his lower back, over his rump and hips, down his legs (front and back) with some on his head.
2) Father's Side: Stripes on his back and shoulders
3) Other:

General Build: slender, kurvy
Hair Style: mohawk
Mannerisms: quiet, shy, friendly, polite, explosive when angered
Typical Clothing Worn: black tshirt, 3/4 shorts, titan chainlink bracelet
Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes: reading, reading, reading, bit of writing himself.
         dislikes ignorance, arrogance.
Notable Weakness or Fears: fears hights, to be left behind

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Muddy freak. (his colors.. ;)

*edit* height adjusted
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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3'10"? That's short even for a kuvvy!
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Basic Descriptors
Other Names: K, K-mart, Kassi
Apparent Age:25
Weight: 155
Gender: Genetically male, female by all other means though.
Bloodline: Unknown
Era: Modern/Cyberpunkish

Eye Color: Hazel though usually Emerald Green:
Hair Color: Auburn red with white and pink highlights
Scale Color: Dark Green with red underbelly and red tipped irridescent tail
Primary Birthmark: None

General Build:Athletic female build, hips and chest size smaller (32A) than an average females of the Kuvrahkian race.

Hair Style:Straight, semi long bangs

Mannerisms: Tends to speak the truth even if others don't want to hear it, has an immortality complex that rubs people the wrong way especially when she survives something that would kill anyone else.

Typical Clothing Worn: Dark colors, usually black cargo pants or dark grey skinny jeans and t-shirts never sporting logos or sayings, always some sort of artistic design on them, rarely but on special occasions seen in her favorite red and black knee length dress.

Likes learning new things, adventuring out in the wild, spooky and dark environments, storms, dreary days, coming up with new ideas and inventions though never getting to see them come to fruition, reading textbooks, fantasy and sci-fi, watching anime, all sorts of music and movies peak her interests, has an uncanny interest in jumping spiders and wolves, loves studying science, especially astronomy, chemistry, and genetics (two prior interests not a good idea to mix with this interest), also has a very macabre sense to her, loving to come up with ways of torturing and cooking others, always coming up with new ideas for her book and is an extreme lover of fire and lightning.

Dislikes people who act like they know everything and don't let someone else get a word in edge wise. Hateful rap and depressing country music. Having too many choices (sooo indecisive), being told to pick where to eat or what to watch all the time (also from indecisiveness)

Notable Weakness or Fears:
Notable weaknesses - Intelligent conversation can easily distract, precious metals and gems do as well.
Fears - Fears somehow being turned into a child like state and having to relive childhood all over again.

Additional Optional Statistics
Classification: Fighter

On a scale of 6 to 16. Rate the following:
Physical Prowess: 14
Manual Dexterity: 11
Fitness Level: 10
Intellectual Capacity: 13
Willpower/Mental Faculties: 9
Presence of Being: 10

Offensive Fighting Ability:Unbridled strength and dexterity in moments of extreme danger
Defensive Fighting Ability:Doesn't feel any pain (a baseball bat to the head just makes her mad, though stubbing her toe on a regular day will make her whine out of instinct)
Special Attack Power:Void Fire (one use per day - ball of lightning operating at such a frequency that it mimics the quantum level of existence as that of a dying star, the inside of the ball of lightning appearing to be that of a flame black as night) On contact causes scales or flesh to begin peeling away from the limb instantaneously, the fire burning the underlying tissue to a third degree burn within mere milliseconds. Only known defenses, something that is purely non-conductive, or ice that is at 0 degrees kelvin or absolute zero.

((I mucked that up bad, I didn't realize it :/ ))
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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No markings?
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Re: Your Kuvvie personae
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Kind of messed up that description bad in some spots. Fixed them though... I think lol
Judge one by their actions - Not by their looks.