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Interest in an new forum RP? Sci-fi/space setting.
« on: August 10, 2009, 12:51:12 PM »
Howdy all, Ze FD here.

Years ago I ran a science fiction RP on another forum and recently I ran across the little encyclopidia I had made for it, making me recall how much fun I had developing it.

Quick run down: It is the year 8998 AD. Most of history (from our perspective and our near future) is entirely forgotten, deemed simply to be irrelevant to the humans of the time period. Their history mainly focusing on the last 2000 years of the empire, with a few scholars going further into the history books to the founding of the empire and the 'short' lived existance of the United Sold Democracy that ruled over solar system for almost 600 years

Though technology is vastly more advanced, the culture remains in many ways recognisable. there are still computers, most solar systems employ a form of internet, TV broadcasts still exist (Though it's use may vary depending on location) and all other things that we know tend to be around still.. If something works, why fix it?

Humanity is organised almost entirely into a single goverment called the Solarium Empire. The Emperor has led for the past 5000 years but currently few belief that he is still alive, ever existed or has gone entirely senile from his unnaturally long extended lifespan. Another humorous theory is that he was infact the very first true AI or a advanced SI that just carried out it's creator's will.

The Empire is vast: Containing over nearly 8000 colonised worlds, and many more being held for stripmining, heavy automated industry, global 'laboratories' or simply not yet been prepared for colonisation. Most of the worlds are held in the Core and there are some distinct social differences between the Core and the Great Line.

The Core Systems: The inner region of the empire from which it spread out (Though it's hardly a neat 'bubble' of worlds.) these solar systems tend to contain the largest number of terraformed worlds. Their technology is almost without exception state of the art and it is from here that the oldest and most powerfull industries, religions and guild rule. These worlds also tend to hold more draconian rules regarding the law. Much is allowed, but the punishment for what is not is always high.

The Great Line: The younger colonised star systems are wrapped around the core. Here entire solar systems can lay without a single world capable of sustaining human life. Many worlds are centuries behind in technology, with the exception of the Great Companies and the Imperial Fleets, but the standards of life are in many places good with the most advanced worlds offering oppertunities that 20th century earth simply could not. Out here, most worlds are ruled by the Great Corporations who colonise them to have a place to keep their millions of employee's housed and safe.

Humans: Humans have become quite diverse. Though many worlds have been colonised and terraformed. Some aspects simply cannot be changed on a global scale, such as gravity. Most human adaptations come from gravity though benign athmospheric conditions that were too expensive to filter out can also cause distinct changes. The term Terran remains solely used for humans from the deepest parts of the Core Systems.

Aliens: Humanity has encounterd a total 9 alien races in its history. Three have been welcomed into the Solarium Empire as full fledged citizens that have all the rights, and reponsibilities as humans. Two have been conquered and subjugated and now serve as study specimens and are planet bound by the total decimation of their fleets and having all their space ports destroyed. Two have been entirely exterminated: one by the Solarium Empire and the other by another alien race. The final two are indepent 'empires' that have formed a mutual defense pact against the Solarium Empire, though no official hostiltiy has been performed by any of the three groups.
The experiences with aliens have left humanity with a few findings that perplexed them: Regarding human superiority in technology and numbers but that can be summed up to one fact: Humans were first.
Humans apperantly came to be thousands of years before any of the other advanced races and took to the stars nearly 900 years before the second most advanced alien empire.

Additional info: The players would be citizens of the Solarium Empire, human, human descendants or alien members or SI (Simulated Intelligence units, basic androids and the like.) The game would take place in the Great Line though depending on actions could migrate deeper into the Empire or perhaps to the unclaimed systems.

If there is suffient interest then I would be happy to post of the little encyclopidia which provides more indept information to the world as well as some just interesting stuff that's of no real importance to the characters or game itself.
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Interest in an new forum RP? Sci-fi/space setting.
« on: August 10, 2009, 12:51:12 PM »

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Re: Interest in an new forum RP? Sci-fi/space setting.
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2009, 01:48:36 AM »
Sounds interesting, would not mind learning about the setting in any case. I'm up for it if anyone else is.
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