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The Arena of Alsedar. (Possibly NSFW)
« on: June 13, 2011, 05:05:31 AM »

Understand? It might get violent. (In fact, I'm counting on this.) But that's all.
So, I've decided to start my own PBP game, just because. I'll need some moderators, and the description will be up in a day or two. I'll write it then. Anyone interested, contact me. Also, anyone willing to help me set this place up is welcome, because I've never actually run my own PBP, so any help is welcome.
This game will involve all races, ALL, but characters must be fairly balanced. I'll tell you if I need you to change anything. Pretty much anything is allowed, though, so feel free to completely blow my mind.

Anything you don't want publicized, PM me and I'll either allow or deny it. We'll see.

(You know, I'd like some ideas for the character development. My character sheet kind of sucks. Okay, a lot.)

So far the character sheet will look like this:

Gender: (can be unisex/androgynous)
Appearance: (includes build)
Clothing: (if any)
Distinguishing features:
Background: (if you want. Not entirely necessary, but it'd be appreciated.)
Choice of weapon: (it's an arena after all)
Preferred fighting style:
On a scale of 10 to 25:
Other Skills/things that should be known/Anything I didn't think of:

Here's mine:
Name: Naliana

Nicknames/Aliases: Nal/Bitch

Gender: Female

Age: 73 but looks to be in her upper teens.

Race/Species: Elvin/Draconian mix

Appearance: She has the elongated snout of a dragon, Elvin ears, sparkling purple eyes. A very slender frame, but is actually incredibly muscled. Dark auburn hair that passes her knees. Her knees are backwards, from her dragon heritage and she has large feet, though her hands look completely normal, though her fingers are slightly longer. She is also well endowed. She also has large wings, bat wings, that fold into a crevice in her back so they can be hidden easily. Also a tail, about five and a half feet long, and is completely dexterous. She has 4 inch retractable talons on her feet and hands. Her back, shoulders, thighs, and biceps/triceps, are covered in scales. Her entire body is thick like these parts, but incredibly pale skinned.

Clothing: She wears a light cotton tank top during the summer, or any hot weather, along with baggy khaki shorts (with several dozen pockets because she enjoys pockets). She wears black ankle socks and combat boots. During the winter she wears tight black jeans and combat boots, (she has a thing for boots) and a black hoodie with a bright red paint splatter on the front and back. She wears glasses, but they're purely cosmetic. She has two small diamonds embedded in each ear, along with another one in the middle of her forehead. A small silver chain hangs from her throat, with a locket that rests directly in her cleavage, well hidden for personal reasons.

Personality: Naliana is a fairly happy person. She enjoys meeting new people and spending time with her small group of friends. The nickname 'Bitch' comes from the fact that she will black out and beat people senseless

Height: 7' even.

Weight: 200 lbs, though she looks like she only ways around 100.

Distinguishing features: She has a tribal tattoo on each forearm/wrist/hand, which look like gauntlets, which are blue, and a spider on her left bicep.

Background: Naliana grew up in a modern city with one older sister. Her parents died when she was young, so they grew up alone, though they were left a large house by their mother and father, along with a small fortune, though this was locked away in an account that couldn't be touched for several years, except in increments that would help them live.

Choice of weapon: She can use magic, from her Elvin heritage, breathe fire, and wields a long staff. Her tail can also be used as a weapon. Several small daggers are hidden over her person, held there by small twine that can be untied with small muscle twitches. She won't use her claws, because she was taught to only use them as tools, or in extreme circumstances.

Preferred fighting style:She prefers to stay at a distance, making sure to keep her opponents at bay with small jabs.

Weaknesses/Fears: Will sometimes black out, and will lose control, making her a very easy target. She is afraid of killing, or dying, which is a bit of a predicament.

Strength: 12

Intelligence: 16

Charisma: 20

Wisdom: 14

Endurance: 10

Willpower: 25

Other Skills/Anything I didn't think of: This is your choice.
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The Arena of Alsedar. (Possibly NSFW)
« on: June 13, 2011, 05:05:31 AM »