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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues
« on: March 22, 2014, 08:53:00 PM »
Don't normally make these kinds of post (though I was considering starting an interesting kickstarters thread a while ago) but this is project pretty near and dear to me.
Richard Garriott aka Lord British of the father of CRPG gaming and commercial MMO's is making a return to the game development scene after his trip to space with Shroud of the Avatar.
The game is basically a love letter to the fans of the original Ultima series and Ultima Online attempting to merge the best of both by seeming together a rich single player campaign with a vibrant interactive virtual world multiplayer sandbox.

The game has different modes, from single player offline (which is exactly what is sounds like), single player online (which is the same except you have the benefit of been able to access all the changes in the online persistent world, seeing other players houses, being able to buy the superior player crafted goods off player crafter's vendor NPC's or finding them as loot on monsters after players have lost them and seeing the changes in the world state as a result of player driven events, such as towns under siege being freed and dev events like volcanic eruptions or meteor strike creating new temporary special encounters on the map), Friend play online (which is the same except you can party up with a handful of friends... and a handful could be hundreds, point is you decide who you play with) or open player online which is full blown MMO mode. You can switch somewhat freely between the 3 online modes, but the offline mode is a separate character to prevent cheating.

You can see some demonstrations of the games development progress here in the 6 month progress video (they are almost at 12 months now so they are further along then this but we wont get a new demo video to show off until the end of April probably)

Anyway that's a basic into what the game is, but I'm posting to offer some deals to those looking to sign up.
For those interested I'm currently running a game giveaway (where I'm giving away around 150 steam game keys to new pledgers) to encourage more people to join up and pledge to support the development of the game:
 Also got the go ahead from the games devs to offer new backers founder status (early backer status) pledges that give themselves a referral bonus, effectively netting you an $85 pledge for $40.
 There are also some people offering founder pledges as low $22 on the player market place (these work out to be $60 pledges after using the alienware coupon).
 Note these deals are only good until April 6th (2 weeks from now), so if you are thinking about getting on board now is the last best time to do it.

You can see what those pledge values will grab you here:
Note even though that page says the cut off for getting the founder benefits listed below each tier was May 20th last year, the deals listed above will get them for you anyway.
Also a further clarification on what the "episodes" means in the royal artisan (first 3 episode) and explorer (all 5 episodes) level pledges mean... An episode is either an expansion or sequel depending on if you are thinking about them in terms of MMO or Single player RPG. Basically the first episode offers a 40+ hour single player campaign and a large overworld map for the multiplayer sandbox. Each episode after that offers a new single player campaign continuing on from where the last one finished, with each been longer then the last (Also worth noting these campaigns are being written by Tracy Hickman of dragonlance fame) and will also add more landmass to the multiplayer sandbox then each previous release... To give that a sense of scale the map for the first episode of the game makes up about 1/9th of the total planned map... The episodes can be played stand alone, not sure why you would though. Each episode is slated to retail for $60 each... So the explorer pledge level is really good value (you can grab the above cheap founder pledges and upgrade them at the founder price levels until April 7th).

There's also a cross promotion going on with star citizen (which if you haven't heard about yet you best be living under a rock) where if you pledge $50 to both games you get a unique item from the other game in both games. They are both pretty cool as well...
You get the polearm in SotA.
And the crossbow in SC.
You can also get both normally in their native universe so you can outfit your characters the same in both worlds.

Anyway I have a lot of hope for the game so check it out.
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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues
« on: March 22, 2014, 08:53:00 PM »