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The Situation in Ferguson MO (USA)

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Hey all.

Since I know this has made even CNN's front page (and top headline at times), I was curious to see if anyone else was following this situation, and if so, what your thoughts are on it all. Now, I have a 'near-by' point of view, as in I live in St. Louis, but not right there.

There is a lot of conflicting reports coming out of that area, blame being thrown in every direction.

Does anyone have an opinion?

I've been watching the news (all major networks) and trying to get a feel for what exactly went down, but I think it best to reserve judgement until there's a little more solid information to work with. It's always a terrible tragedy to lose someone so young and I would hope that no officer of the law ever wants to kill anyone even when it's life and death.

The only thing I'm certain of so far is that if I were the protesters I would try and let everyone do their job before I started being aggressive and if I were the police I would treat the protesters with respect and not try to scare them into dispersing with a show of force.

I usually endevour to reserve judgment and wait for the complete picture as well. As far as a police show of force is concerned, I see no real need, as protestors are usually protesting to the politicians. There are arguments for and against both sides, for example the police officers could be defended with "doing their jobs" or criticized for excessive force, and similar regarding protestors (protesting an important issue, becoming rowdy and spooking law enforcement etc). It could be that all parties are at least to blame in one around and area or another. In short, the entire society could easily be blamed. The roots of the cause are still around and as far as I can tell, it'll take time and effort to correct them since they began so long ago.
As for the victim, they seem to be a victim of not only the attacker but also of a system and society that hasn't completely shaken off the affects of old discrimination.

Coincidentally I was watching The Butler today and was reminded of just exactly where we all live, how it began, how it changed, how it is today, and how it could be in the future.

I'm on a different continent and I rarely watch news these days. Would anyone tell me what goes on?

But from I gathered from the post there is a protest. In 2006 there was a big protest/riot here in Budapest (it's not importsant why it happened). They wrecked shops, burned cars and laid waste to the national television's main building. A protest will attract lowlifes who only want to stir up trouble. As for the show of force... The raging mob is a mindless sense mass of primal instincts and negative emotions.

Ooooookeeeey then. I read about it on
Another big bad white cop kills little innocent black guy... I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really have enough of these kind of shit. Seriously. Black guy shoots black? Fine. Black shoots withe? Blue shoots green? Fine. White shoots white? Fine White shoots not white? RACISTS!
No thank you.
7 a.m. – Michael Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, says on the Today Show that their focus remains on getting justice for her son. "When justice is prevailed, then maybe they'll regain their trust in the locals."

justice=the police man lays no matter how it happened

Sorry Dreaker, I had meant to respond sooner, but got busy with a lot of stuff.

Well, the situation as it stands is that they aren't sure why the cop fired. That part is still being debated. Some say there was a point when the kid who was shot, had tried to reach into the car and car the cop's gun, starting the struggle, and they have found at least one shell casing inside the car which seems to indicate that the gun did go off while inside the vehicle.

Now personally, when you consider most cops have pepper spray/mace and tasers along with their service weapon, I myself do question why the gun was used.
If it is true that the kid who was shot, was acting as the aggressor, there is a certain level of understanding there. This kid was 6'4" and around 300+ pounds. Not a little guy.

Now on the flip side of that, the Ferguson Police Department does have a less than stellar history, so it is just as equally possible that this police officer could have just been out of control.

The facts are somewhere in the middle of all this murk.


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