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Personally, not really that into sports...

But the subject seems to be buzzing on most sites I visit,
so here is an outlet for it here...


Lisbon Virgo:
*walks into thread where his Patriots gear singing Queen's "We Are The Champions"*

I congratulate the Patriots fans among us. I do not sports myself, but it is my understanding that both teams sportsed hard, but the Patriots came out on top. Good show!

Risha Kalsyhan:
Not that I even care, but I'm glad the patriots won. After shutting Denver out of the last toilet bowl, the Seahawks don't deserve another superb owl win so soon. That being said, This:

I'm just going to pop in to say that I missed ALLLLLLLL of the super bowl this year.

Not a huge fan of football myself, but I watch it now cause I get texts from people working there about production drama xD

This year I was helping a friend move though.


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