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Sup nerds.

So a couple years ago, I left this forum because RL was beginning to get complicated. Moved to a new apartment, had to start a bunch of services that kept me away from the Internet world, and blah blah blah RL comes first. Now I'm in another apartment and able to kinda just chill and do my own thing.

I decided to come back to AM recently. I had intended to start with a fresh name (the one I use in other communities now), but I couldn't get the activation code sent to my email despite several requests. I personally don't mind too much because I had this name to fall back on, but -- hey tech guys! If you want new members to join the forum, you may want to look into that.

I have to say, I'm both surprised and distressed to see AM has only a handful of active threads in 2016, and some of them go as far back as January being the last post made. This... is not a pleasant sight and I would like to help out with finding ways to increase traffic. I saw there was a thread dedicated to that, but I still feel like there's a question that needs to be asked that can easily be missed due to the age of the other thread:

What do you guys want to see done in the future?

Answer here or elsewhere. Also: sorry if this comes across as a power grab or something, god admin people! I'm just a wee lad who doesn't want to see a community he spent a decade following to become completely inactive. Actually it's been longer than a decade now that I think about it, since I found this community in 2003. Oh well, erase two years from that number for the time I've been gone. Also bring me a cupcake, because cupcakes are fantastic.

Hi, to those of you who have never met me before, I'm DarkCompanion (DC for short). I used to say "I like potatoes" on the mIRC channel, but then that Foster's Home show came out and I had to stop saying it because people kept asking me if I was mimicking a character from the show. I used to draw fan art for the site, but I stopped drawing shortly after I got out of high school, so I'm very much out of practice. My kuvrahk character used to be known as Drake Frost, but I have since moved away from said name because it's too simple / cliché. I'm an aspiring author and in the two years I've been gone, I still haven't made any progress with my book. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

And for those of you who are veterans who know me... sup? How's about you and I go out some time and, y'now, get a potato together? We can share straws if you like~.

Hey there! Welcome back and stay DarkCompanion Altermeta's Loud Mouth. But that issue with the registration should be solved.

And why the forum went inactive? From what I saw multiple people got IRL stuff in the way. The rest (or at least me) started to leave bigger gaps between checking on the forums because there was no talk. When this week I saw posting I decided to start posting again. Continue on with the Pages from Phelan on the Kuvrahk Journals Thread and my own writings.

That's a shame.

Well, so long as people don't get upset about it (IE: viewing it as spam), I might start making posts daily about random topics to create conversations again. Drag people back by their ears, as one might say.

Hey there DC, good to see you again!
Things may be working back up soon!

No comic=dead forum.
That simple.


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