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A strong proud hunter,
toned bronze-scaled neck and pecs flexing as their angry hisses accuse me...

Their words lost to me as I am still dazed by the sudden onslaught in the public bathroom. Two onlookers, uninvolved, watch with amused persecution as we all stand nude... our genital slits visible within the privacy of the walls surrounding the toilet stalls. At a casual glance our genders seem uniform, although the one vocally assaulting me just inside the entrance is the most fit and muscled... my enamored gaze unwillingly drawn slowly down over their once sculpted abs as a awkward bulge of four ovals protrude from their middle in a painful "V" formation, the egg-bound state being the origin of the claims of my own negligence.

Despite the leering audience and the obviously pained onslaught from my former lover, I silently express my concern and tenderly navigate us into a cramped empty stall together, carefully latching it closed behind us as I manage to straddle them on my lap atop the toilet. They continue to complain, although now hints of their fears and exhaustion seep through as I lovingly knead and nudge the forms of the eggs I has stimulated around so they may pass... part of me disappointed that none of them bore life even as I remained mostly relieved. More than both; I was terrified that they has been pushing themselves so hard while still unable to pass our clutch! But I did not voice this, simply accepting their pain and anger as the eggs finally shift and the soft splash in the water between our legs announces the successful beginning of laying.

Relief shudders through their body as they begrudgingly slump against my less impressive torso... muscles flexing rhythmically as shell after shell is forced out, some broken with a dangerous stench as the yolk smears across my thighs as I hold them up so no more damage can be done within...

I realize I had been awkwardly aroused since my brief partner had barged into the restroom, thankful that my own slit never everted to reveal it as clearly, although it is likely obvious as we sit loin to loin in the narrow space... they had finally passed out, my arms rubbing their exhausted back as I ponder how long I can just embrace them here...

(My muse woke me up at 5am, a half-remembered dream needing a form.
I hope you enjoy.)
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Re: Tryst
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Not sure what did I just read.
Secret activity in process. Please look elsewhere.