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Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:21:06 PM »
Rolling Along

Jace sat on his bed and looked out the windows. The rain had been falling for the last couple of days and showed no signs of stopping.

“Damnit. I gotta figure something out or this weekend is going to be ruined.” Jace lay back and lightly drummed his fingers on his headboard. When he lightly bumped the rock sitting there, he picked it up and briefly considered tossing it up before deciding against it. Instead he balanced it on his forehead for a moment.

“C’mon little rock.” Jace said out loud. “Give me some ideas.” Jace however wasn’t surprised when the rock said nothing. “Ah yes... helpful as ever.” He chuckled and set the rock back on the headboard. “That’s okay, I can’t think of anything either.” Jace sighed and grabbed his remote for the stereo.

The stereo came to life and Jace nearly turned it right back off. “Damned commercials.” He muttered as he laid there and looked at his ceiling.

“Roll on out to Rolla-Rama this weekend for non-stop skate event! Bring your friends! Bring your sweetheart! Bring yourself! There’ll be music, games, and even door prizes! Come on and have a SKATE time! Rolla-Rama! In downtown Silvaston next to the Blazer!”

Jace sat up and powered the stereo off with a click of the remote and grinned. “Jackpot!”


After several phone calls later, Jace had worked out a plan to pick up Kendra, Bea, and Nikhail, and drive to Silvaston. Ian had declined as he said he was coming up with some very good music for his band, and didn’t want to break the creative process.

Jace sat the phone down and considered for a moment. “Do I still have my roller skates?” He wondered. He went back upstairs to the large closet outside his room and pulled the string on the light. The closet held a lot of things, and Jace looked around, trying to decide where to start.

He grabbed the small step stool and climbed up onto it. It took a few minutes, but after shoving some boxes aside on the top shelf, Jace spotted the bright orange color of the wheels on his skates. “Ah ha!” Jace carefully moved one last box out of the way and pulled his skates down.

“Bleh.” Jace said as he looked at the layer of dust coating the black leather of his skates. “I guess it has been a while.” He got down from the step stool and headed for his bathroom and set the skates on the counter while he grabbed an old rag from under the sink. “Let’s get these cleaned up and give them a test run.” He wet the rag and quick ran it over the skates, getting them cleaned up.

He held the skates up, looking them over for any traces of dust, smiling when he didn’t find any. He went out to his desk and sat in his chair and began pulling the skates on. They were a little snug, but they always were at first. He stood up and pushed off, rolling a few feet before stopping and returning to his chair.

“All right. Well, I’m ready for this. I wonder how-” Jace was cut off by the doorbell ringing. “Come in Bea!” Jace yelled down towards the door. He chuckled to himself as he heard Bea swear.

“Damnit! I’ve got to remember to fool you and knock next time.” Bea called up from downstairs as she pulled off her raincoat and hung it on the rack by the front door.

“That’d be a first.” Jace’s voice told her with a laugh.

Bea began to raise her hand to flip Jace off when Helena walked around the corner.

“Hello Bea.” Helena said with a smile.

Bea quickly moved her hand on up and ran it through her hair instead. “Hey ‘mom’!”

Jace’s mom went over and gave Bea a hug. “It’s good to see you as always, but why didn’t you wait for Jace to pick you up?” She said as she looked at Bea who was slightly damp.

Bea returned the hug and smiled. “Eh, you know me, I don’t mind the rain.”

“Hey Bea!” Jace called down to his friend. “Did you find your skates?”

“Didn’t have to, I knew where mine were.” Bea yelled back and chuckled. She winked at Helena and whispered. “Boys never seem to keep track of things.” She smiled and headed up the stairs.

“Jace, you haven’t driven that car in the rain yet, are you going to be okay?” Helena asked from the bottom of the stairs.

“Mom, please.” Jace shook his head and rolled his eyes. “I’ll be fine, We aren’t in any hurry and it’s a big heavy car.” He chuckled. “And the wiper blades are even new!”

“Okay. Just please be careful!” Helena told him, the mostly concealed worry still clear in her voice.

“Not to worry ‘mom’! We’ll keep him in line.” Bea told her.

Helena walked around to the living room and looked up at the railing above. “I’m sure you will Bea.” She replied. “Just try not to distract him too much while you are at it.” Helena smiled and headed towards her bedroom.

Bea’s face flushed with a red tint and Jace started to laugh. “Two points mom!” He yelled down over the railing. “You got her to blush!” Jace continued to laugh until his own rain coat was thrown into his face.

“Keep laughing roller boy!” Bea snorted. “You have to let your guard down sooner or later.” She smirked.

Jace took the raincoat off of his face and put it on. “Let’s see, keys, wallet, cash, skates. Yep! I’m ready!” He reached down and grabbed his skates. “C’mon Bea.” Jace ran over to the stairs and slid down the banister. Bea followed behind him with her own skates.

“We’re leaving mom!” Jace called. He watched as Helena came around the corner and pulled him into a hug.

“Be safe, all of you, and if anything happens, find a phone and call.” Helena told her son.

“Don’t worry mom.” Jace said. “We’ll be careful.” He assured her as he returned her hug.

Bea hugged both of them. “Love ya ‘mom’!” before grabbing her coat back off the rack and heading out the door.

Helena giggled at Bea’s rapid departure. “I love you and have a good time with your friends.”

Jace smiled and nodded. “I will mom, and I love you too.” He turned and headed out the door, skates and keys in hand. He ran out to the car, opened the trunk and dropped his skates in, and shut the lid.

He got in and shut the door. “You know, I don’t really hate the rain, but it does make for a dreary day.” Jace put his key into the ignition, twisted, and the 73 Macurro Nobleman started with a low roar. “And away we go!”


They had swung by both Nikhail’s house and Kendra’s place and picked them up. Bea was leaning over the back of the seat, talking to Kendra about Kendra’s photography project, and some ideas they each had. Nikhail meanwhile, was just leaning back and enjoying the ride, commenting to the girls every so often.

Jace was enjoying the conversation, but also the music from his mix tape. As the rain began to lighten up a bit, Jace slid the wiper switch over to the ‘INT’ section, and adjusted it to find the right timing. “Best purchase ever.” Jace said quietly with a smile.

“What was the best purchase ever?” Nikhail asked as he leaned up towards the back of the front seat next to Bea.

Jace spared his friend a quick glance in the rearview mirror. “The switch, relay box, and dash panel for Intermittent wipers for this thing.”

“Was that all it took?” Nikhail asked.

“Surprisingly enough, it was!” Jace grinned. “Two screws for the dash panel, two screws for the switch itself, unplug the cable from the old switch, plug the relay cable from the new switch into the cable, put all the screws back in, and switch to the new dash panel and presto! Intermittent wipers.” He chuckled.

Nikhail’s eyebrows went up. “Not bad for an artist.” Nikhail lightly punched Jace in the shoulder.

Bea turned and licked the side of Nikhail’s face. “No punching the driver!” She grinned. “At least not while he’s driving!”

Nikhail wiped his face with a mock disgusted look. “Duly noted o guardian of the front seat!” He intoned with a great deal of eye rolling and a smirk. Nikhail sat back. “Good job on it though Jace.”

“Thanks!” Jace answered, giving Nikhail a thumbs up with his right hand. “It took longer to get out to the junkyard and find the parts than it did to install them.”

Nikhail leaned back. “I bet.” He frowned as he looked out the window. “So what’s our ETA?”

Jace glanced at the middle of the dashboard where the analog clock rolled over to the next minute. “Eh, about a half hour yet to go.”

“Okay.” Nikhail closed his eyes, but as Jace could see, he was clearly still awake and listening to the conversation as his ears would perk up during points of the conversation.

Kendra looked past Bea at the Spearhead of Canas medallion hanging from Jace’s rearview mirror. “Jace, when did you get that and where?” She pointed at his mirror. “It looks handmade.”

Jace nodded. “Good eye. It is.” He reached over and cupped the gold colored medallion in his hand. “I got it down at one of the booths at the market.” He chuckled. “T-Square had us on a decent jog, we stopped to get some water, and it caught my eye from a booth over.”

Kendra nodded in appreciation. “Did it cost much?”

He grinned and shook his head. “Not much at all. There are no precious materials in it, but it still looks good.” Jace shrugged his shoulders. “I like it.”

“It is nice looking.” Kendra agreed. She leaned back and resumed talking to Bea.


The road into Silvaston wasn’t very busy, and over the course of the drive, everyone had given Kendra ideas for her project, even Nikhail. It wasn’t seem like long before they made it to the Rolla-Rama Skating Rink.

“Go figure it isn’t raining here.” Bea groused as she got out of the car.

Kendra looked up at the sky. “Maybe not yet, but look at those clouds.”

Nikhail put a hand on Bea’s shoulder. “Kendra’s right Bea, it looks like it’s gonna pour any minute now.”

“Which is why I’m not sticking around outside!” Jace said as he closed the trunk lid, his skates in hand. “I’m here to skate.” He grinned.

“Right on.” Nikhail agreed.

The four of them headed towards the front doors.

As Jace walked in, the smell of the Roller skating rink was immediately noticeable. It vaguely reminded him of a bowling alley, but a bit different. Either way, it was a comfortable, well worn smell, and the enticing smells of food coming from the snack bar didn’t hurt either. The three younger kids at the check in booth had their skates handed to them, and took off towards the rental lockers.

The yellow scaled woman sitting by the cash register absentmindedly pushed her glasses back up and looked at Jace and his friends. “How many, how many sets of skates do you need, and what sizes?” She asked in a bored voice.

Jace smiled. “We’re all paying separately, so just one for me please, and I have a set of skates already.” He told her in a friendly voice.

She just looked at Jace for a moment and rang up one person on the register. “That’s thirteen dollars.” She told him without any enthusiasm.

Jace nodded and handed her the money. She looked past Jace to Bea who was standing behind him, her flat, shoulder length brown hair barely moving.

“Just one?” She asked Bea. When Bea merely nodded, she jabbed at the buttons on the cash register. “That’s thirteen dollars.” The woman told Bea flatly.

Bea followed Jace on in and sat down next to him on a bench. “Wow. What a bitch.” Bea looked over at Jace, annoyed.

“Not exactly a ray of sunshine to be sure.” Jace agreed. He shrugged. “Eh, maybe she’s having a bad day.”

She snorted. “Bad day or whatever.” Bea complained. “She can take her attitude and shove it right up her -”

“Hey Bea!” A voice from the rink called. Jace glanced over his shoulder and saw that a pale green Kuvrahk had stopped skating and came up to the railing waving. “How are yo- OOF!”

A younger, red scaled [boy] ran right into him, knocking him over.

Bea giggled as she walked over to the railing. “He never saw ‘em coming.” She looked down at the tangled pair laying on the wooden floors. “Hey Donald, you two okay?”

“Ow. Kid, you’re on my tail.” Donald grumbled.

“You nearly landed on my head dude!”

“You ran into me!”

“You stopped on the rink!”

Bea couldn’t help but laugh. “If you two are done, I can help you up.” Bea leaned over the railing, grabbed two different hands, and pulled.

Nikhail Sat down next to Jace and looked amused as he watched Bea help Donald and the kid who had run into him up. He chuckled as he aimed a thumb at Bea. “What? Did she flash her tits at someone and cause an accident?”

Jace couldn’t help but to laugh. “Surprisingly enough, no. Someone named Donald came over to say hi to her and a kid ran right into him.”

Now was Nikhail’s turn to laugh. Kendra walked up and looked at Nikhail curiously. “What’s so funny?”

Jace quickly recapped the situation. Kendra looked amused and concerned at the same time. “Not to worry, I’m pretty sure they’re both okay.”

“This ain’t roller derby kid!” Donald said in an annoyed tone as he looked down at the kid.

“Big jerk!” The kid stuck [his] tongue out at Donald and skated off.

Bea giggled as Donald rolled his eyes. “Lemme get off the rink before someone else runs me over. He told Bea. Donald skated over to the exit to the rink and came around and swept Bea in a hug. “Bea! It’s marvelous to see you again!”

She smiled as she was swept up in his embrace. “Donald! It’s been a few years! How have you been?”

“Wonderful Bea, simply wonderful, as always.” Donald said as he sat Bea down. “How have you been?”

Jace smiled as he watched Bea talk to her friend for a second before he headed over to grab a locker before they were filled up. He sat down on a bench and began to unwrap his feet. Nikhail and Kendra were right behind him.

“Hey man, did you grab us a locker?” Nik asked, looking over at large bank of lockers by Jace.

“Well, if we are all okay with sharing one locker, we should be fine.” Jace pointed out.

“My purse and shoes won’t take up much room, Bea didn’t wear any shoes, you have foot wraps.” Kendra said. “Nikhail’s high top sneakers are going to take up the most room.”

Nikhail grinned. “Hey, what can I say, they’re comfortable.”

Jace just shook his head in amusement. “Get em off, toss them in, and hey, we need to see if Bea has anything she wants in here.”

“I’ll ask her.” Kendra replied and went over to where Bea and Donald were animatedly talking. After speaking to Bea for a moment, Kendra looked back over at Jace and Nikhail, shook her head and gave them a thumbs up.

“Good enough.” Jace said. He shut the locker, popped a coin into it and turned the key, which then released from the keyhole.

“Heh.” Nik chuckled dryly. “Just don’t lose it.” He advised Jace with a grin as he pointed a finger at the key. “I don’t want to play ‘Condemned’ in real life and have to search every nook and cranny for a key.”

Jace nodded and carefully clipped the key to a loop on the edge of his wallet. “Safe and secure.”
After a few minutes, Bea and Kendra rolled over. “You two slowpokes ready yet?” Bea asked with a large grin on her face.

Nikhail and Jace just looked at each other, nodded, and stood up.

“Ready!” They both said in unison.


The evening went past quickly with Jace even having done a couple skate with Bea. Nikhail tried his luck and on the second try won a plush toy kitten from the claw machine who promptly gave it to Kendra. They rejoined Bea and Jace on the rink for a bit before deciding to grab some grub at the snack bar.

“Just in time.” Jace pointed out as they sat down at a booth with their food.

“For what?” Nikhail turned and looked over at the rink where a number of the skaters had begun to gather at opposite ends.

“Some kind of game it looks like.” Kendra commented as she picked up a large cheese covered nacho and took a careful bite.

“Giving the younger kids one last go around before they have to head out.” Bea pointed out. “Then it’s just the older groups.” She said with a wink to Jace.

“That’s at least a few less kids wiping out in front of me.” Nik chuckled.

Kendra took a drink of her fruit punch. “True, I’m surprised more people haven’t gotten hurt.”

Bea laughed and shook her head. “Who says there hasn’t been a few?”

“What do you mean?” Kendra looked puzzled.

“Look for the ones resting or moving carefully.” Bea pointed over by the locker bay where two Kuvrahks were sitting on the bench, gingerly removing their roller skates. “The numbers have slowly been thinning out all night long.”

“I know I saw one girl get her tail smashed against the wall about two hour ago.” Jace agreed. “I’ve looked and I don’t see her anywhere either.”

Bea took a big bite of her hot dog. “Mmmpf, Donald was complaining of a wicked headache a bit ago.” She slurped down some soda. “Pity he’s missing out.”

“Jace, you wanna play a couple of rounds of Road Combatant after we’re done eating?” Nik aimed a thumb at the small cluster of arcade machines nearby.

His friend shook his head. “Nope.”

Nikhail looked confused. “No? Why not?”

Jace chuckled as he held up a finger. “One, note the sign over the ALL of the machines, the ones that all say ‘Not Responsible for lost coins’, that’s a red flag right there.” He raised a second finger. “Two, I heard a couple of people talking. Left side joystick won’t let you move left at all and half the buttons on the right side don’t work.”

Nik frowned. “Then why the hell don’t they put an out of order sign on it?”

“Even a half busted machine may still make a few coins.” Jace shrugged. “It’s shitty but a lotta places do it all the time.”

“Well, how about a game of air puck then?” Kendra suggested.

Jace nodded as he popped the last bite of his burger into his mouth.

“I’m totally down with that.” Nikhail said with a grin. “I hope you are ready to lose dude.”

“We’ll see.” Jace said with a grin.

Though Nikhail was good, Jace’s reflexes appeared to be in top form and beat his friend seven to four, seven to five, and lastly, seven to two. Nik could only shake his head. “Harsh man, harsh.”

“Dude, consider us even for you beating my top score on Ultimate Condemned.” Jace said with a chuckle.

“Fair.” Nik shrugged. “Gonna hit the bathroom, then ready for the rink again.”

A new song came began playing and Bea looked happy. “C’mon! Let’s go skate! This is off of Wynd Tunnel’s new album!” She grabbed Jace and pulled him towards the rink.

“I’ll wait for Nik.” Kendra said with a grin at Jace’s helpless expression.


The night had came and went and while there were still a few die hards skating, just barely in most cases, most had either left or were asleep where they had found space. Having acquired one early on, Jace, Nikhail, Kendra, and Bea were all sprawled out on a bench. Bea had snuggled up to Jace after he had fallen asleep, while Kendra’s head rested on Nikhail’s lap. Nikhail was leaned back on the bench, his head back, drool coming out from the corner of his mouth a bit.

It was the loud shouting between Donald and the woman that had been selling tickets that woke Bea, Jace and Nikhail.

“My car was broken into and you’re telling me you ain’t gonna do anything about it?!?” Donald asked loudly in a voice that was clearly agitated.

“No, I’m telling you that you can’t come back in here with wet shoes tracking up my carpet!” The woman loudly yelled back.

“Look, there are other cars out there that were broken into, the police need to be called, either you do it, or you let me use the phone!” Donald told her.

Nikhail groaned as he looked back, but Jace was now wide awake and had nearly stood up before remembering he was still wearing his roller skates. Bea mumbled as she gripped his tail, trying to lay her head on it.

Jace bent down and fumbled with his skates, trying to quickly release the latches on them. Bea murmured in a grumbling tone as he stood up and kicked his skates off and headed towards the front desk. “Hey, I need to see if my car is okay.” Jace told the woman.

“You are welcome to do so but you aren’t going to be allowed back in.” The woman told him sternly.

Jace crossed his arms. “And what if I had to make a call to the police to make a report?” Out of the corner of his eye, Jace saw a few more people walking up behind him.

“There is a pay phone down the road at the gas station.” She replied callously.

Jace looked around at several others that had walked up and were now listening to the conversation. “Lemme get this straight...” He began. “You, as a representative of this business establishment, are not only refusing to allow people to use your phone to call the police department to report something that happened on premises of this business, but you are actively recommending people leave a crime scene?” Jace raised a single eyebrow and stared coolly at the woman.

The woman scowled at Jace for a moment before sighing and picked up the phone and called the police department. Jace nodded and walked back to his friends. Bea had since snuggled up with Kendra and Nikhail, Kendra remained asleep on Nikhail’s lap, but Nik somewhat awake and was looking at him, if a bit groggily.

“What’d they say?” Nik inquired in a tired voice.

Jace filled him in. “Can you stay and watch my skates?” He asked his friend. “I need to go out and check my car, see if it was broken into and all that and hopefully they will let me back in.”

Nikhail gave him a thumbs up and leaned his head back on the bench.

Jace nodded and walked to the front door, and taking a look at the lot. There were a number of people who had cars here and there were a lot of broken windows. Jace walked to his Nobleman, and was relieved to see all of his windows intact at least, though it was clear from the inside, that someone had gotten into his car.

“Sonofvacrap.” Jace muttered as he went to grab the door handle but stopped. “Crime scene. Right.” He decided to chance that they had not touched the left door behind the driver seat, and opened it and looked into the front of his car from the back seat.

Both of the knobs had been pulled from his radio, from the look of it, they were laying in the floor boards. The door to the cassette slot appeared to be slightly dented, but otherwise intact. The only other thing he could see was the fact that his rearview mirror was now looking down at the floor and the replica of the Spearhead of Canas was gone. Jace scowled, but considered that at least he didn’t have to replace any windows.

He decided to sit on the front fender of his car and wait for the police to show up.


The police had come and spoken with him, and Jace had made sure to let them know he had not disturbed or touched anything. They thanked him, but didn’t seem interested once they learned what had been stolen. They had given him a card with a number and spoke with the next person.

Feeling vaguely dissatisfied with the whole situation, Jace walked back in, making sure to wipe his feet from the wet parking lot. The woman at the front counter just scowled, but said nothing to him as he walked past her.

He walked up and found that Nikhail, Bea, and Kendra were still fast asleep on the bench. Jace gently shook Nikhail’s shoulder.

“Hey Nik.” Jace watched with amusement as his friend shook his head slightly.

“I don’t wanna get up. Just ten more minutes.” Nik mumbled sleepily.

Jace thought about impersonating Nikhail’s dad but reconsidered. Bea and maybe even Kendra would likely have been forced from the bench to the floor if Nikhail jumped up. Instead, he gently shook Kendra’s arm.

“Huh? What? Jace?” Kendra rubbed her eyes and yawned as she slowly sat up. “What’s going on?” She asked in a weary voice.

“Time to head home.” Jace told her softly. “Just gotta wake these two up.”

“I hear if you kiss her, she will wake up.” Bea said with her eyes still closed.

“I hear if you fart in someone’s face they wake up even faster.” Jace said as he crossed his arms. Kendra just shook her head and grimaced.

Bea opened her right eye and glared at Jace. “I think you’re bluffing.” She said tiredly.

Jace chuckled. “Wanna risk it?” He asked in a sweet and innocent voice.

“Blah. No.” Bea slowly started to sit up and looked about bleary eyed. “Is Donald still here?” Jace nodded.

“Yeah, he was waiting for the police to finish up with everyone else.”

Bea’s eyes suddenly went wide and she looked very awake. “Police? Everyone else?”

“Easy Bea.” Jace rested his hands on her shoulders. “Everyone’s fine, just some cars got broken into overnight. He assured her. “Police are here, getting taking statements, filling out paperwork, all that.”

“Oh.” Bea looked around as others were beginning to slowly file out and Nikhail opened his eyes. “Yer skates are still here.” Nik grumbled in a weary voice.

Jace chuckled. “Thanks man. Good to know you are on top of it.” He picked up his skates and helped pull Nikhail to his feet.

Slowly, they filed out to the car as Jace filled them in.

“It still blows man.” Nikhail stated.

Jace nodded and then shrugged. “Well, at least it didn’t cost much and I don’t have to track down a replacement window.” He looked around at the parking lot as other people were cleaning up broken glass. “A few people had their stereos stolen and had a fair amount of damage in the process.”

Kendra shook her head in confusion. “I just don’t understand why you didn’t end up with a broken window too.”

Jace looked a bit embarrassed. “Well, I kinda forgot to lock my door.”

Kendra, Bea, and Nikhail all looked at him with surprised expressions. “Man, how could you forget to lock your door?” Nik asked.

He shrugged. “I don’t normally lock it at home.” Jace admitted. “I guess it didn’t dawn on me to do so here.”

“Well, at least in this case the only thing it cost you was a decoration.” Kendra smiled and patted his shoulder.

He looked at his friends and nodded. “Yeah.” Jace popped the trunk and everyone set their skates inside. Jace shut the lid and got in, unlocking the other doors for everyone. Once he was buckled in, Jace started the Nobleman and they got going, with Rolla-Rama’s brightly lit neon sign fading into the distance before disappearing completely.

Jace had stopped at a gas station and grabbed some soda for the ride home. When he came out, Nikhail and Kendra had already passed out in the back seat, leaning on each other. Bea however was still awake, if barely.

Bea smiled tiredly. “Figured I’d wait for ya.”

He gave her a confused look. “Wait for me for what Bea?” Jace asked as he started his car.

“Thanks for driving us Jace.” Bea told him as she laid her head against his leg.

“Any time Bea.” Jace said as he patted her shoulder. It wasn’t a minute later that he heard Bea, snoring ever so softly. Jace smiled and let her sleep. The rain had stopped early that morning, and as he drove on back towards Star Rock Falls, Jace saw the sun start to peek out from behind the clouds. He smiled as he grabbed his sunglasses from the visor and slid them on.

“I’ve got miles to go before I sleep.” Jace quoted softly to himself with a smile. All in all, it had been a good weekend.

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Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:21:06 PM »

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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 04:59:10 PM »
Good to see another part of your fanfic on. Make Altermeta Forum great again!
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
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I'm working on the next part now!  :cool:
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2017, 10:04:08 PM »
Btw wth SRF stand for? 'cuz Idk.
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« Reply #5 on: July 07, 2017, 06:17:24 PM »
Star Rock Falls, the town that both this story, and the comic all takes place in.
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
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I should have figured out that...
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 16
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2017, 02:32:37 AM »
Eh, no worries! I should have noted that detail sooner.
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