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Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
« on: March 30, 2018, 07:40:11 PM »
South Ridge Shoot
Rated - PG-13 (for profanity)

Bea and Kendra stood outside at Jace’s house.

“No, I’m serious. Use the doorbell!” Bea poked at Kendra with a smile. “He’ll yell out my name..” Bea paused to giggle. “And tell you to come in.”

Kendra looked at her friend skeptically. “And why is this important again?” She asked.

“Heh heh heh.” Bea chuckled. “I can’t wait to see his face when you walk in!” She said with a wide grin.

“But Bea, if you can see him, then he can see you, and he’s bound to figure out that you had me ring the bell.”

Bea’s grin dropped from her face. “... Damnit.” She sighed.

Kendra smiled cheerfully. “Not to worry, I’ll still ring the bell for you anyway.” She patted Bea on the shoulder and rang the doorbell.

They waited a few seconds with no answer.

Kendra looked confused. “I wonder if he’s in the shower or something and didn’t hear it.”

“Nah.” Bea shook her head. “You can hear the doorbell even then.” Bea leaned over and pressed the button again.

Kendra shot her a look that was a cross between confused and annoyed. “And just how would you know that?”

Bea smiled. “You know how Helena makes a lot of different stuff?” She watched as Kendra nodded. “Well, I’ve helped her out a couple of times.” Bea smiled at the memory. “It can get a bit messy, and some of that stuff smells wickedly bad. So I borrowed the shower.”

Kendra’s only response to that was to give her friend a look of disbelief.

Bea just shrugged. “So, while I was in there, the doorbell rang. Trust me. He’d hear it.”

“Could he not be home?” Kendra wondered.


“This shouldn’t be happening!” Jace thought as he ran. He looked over his shoulder as he heard a hissing noise coming from behind him. He threw himself as far as he could to the right as something that looked like a ball of plasma went sailing past him, exploding into the wall, showering him with chunks of debris.

Jace pushed himself up as quickly as he could and looked back. A large floating, ball-shaped monster was slowly gliding towards him. It’s black horns appears to be coated with blood on the tops, and it had one large eye that glowed an evil looking yellow.

It hissed again and opened its mouth, and Jace could see another ball of plasma forming. “I have to get out of here!” He thought. Jace ran towards a large metal looking door and slapped the control panel. The door opened with a loud whoosh as Jace glanced behind him to see the horrifying creature closing in he began to run forward through the door.

He shut the door behind him and heard a chorus of hissing noises. Jace whipped around only to be face to face with several more of of the large pale gray floating creatures. Jace slowly reached over to the control panel of the door, hoping to activate it as the creatures slowly came close to him.

Jace hit the button, but only heard a small thunk from the door. “Trapped!” Jace pressed himself flat against the door and felt very afraid. He watched as one of the monsters floated up next to him, reeking of a strong sulfur smell.

Jace couldn’t fight against the shaky feeling his body was experiencing, and it was all he could do to remain standing as he could feel the creature’s warm breath washing over him. It began to laugh in a raspy hiss. “Game Over!” It said with a gravelly voice. It inhaled deeply as it began to prepare a burst of plasma.



Bea and Kendra had been watching Jace for the last minute and had intended to wake him when they realized he had been dreaming. At first they had both been amused, but when he had started to jerk in his sleep and whimper, Bea had decided to wake him up.

She didn’t expect that when she put her hand on his shoulder to wake him up that he would yell out and fall off the edge of the bed.

“Ahhhhh!” Jace’s sudden cry was cut off as he hit the floor.

“H-holy hell!” Bea stammered and nearly fell backwards herself.

Kendra looked over at Jace before quickly looking away, trying to fight the urge to blush, and failing. “Uh. Jace?” She asked timidly. “Are you okay?”

“Jace?” Bea moved back over to Jace and could see that he was breathing heavily, shivering and very nude. “Hey.” She put her hand out and carefully rested it on his shoulder. “You alright?” Bea asked concernedly.

Jace felt horrible and he couldn’t quit shivering. “B-bad dream.” He muttered through clenched teeth.

“Damn dude.” Bea shook her head, feeling bad that she had not woken her friend sooner. “C’mere.” Bea reached down and pulled him into a hug. “Hey, it was just a dream.” She told him soothingly.

Kendra pulled the sheet off the bed and carefully wrapped it around Jace before she bent down and hugged him as well. “We’re here Jace.” She told him.

“Thanks.” Jace said quietly. “That’s the third horrible nightmare I’ve had lately.” He took a deep breath and tried to relax. “Hm.”

Bea leaned back enough to be able to look at Jace. “What? Sounds like you had a thought.”

“I think I know what may have caused this one.” He looked up at Kendra and Bea, a slight hint of a smile on his face. “I reheated some leftover pizza and spent several hours playing Ultimate Condemned last night.”

Bea rolled her eyes. “Dude, that was a boneheaded move.”

“Jace, you knew we were going to be here early this morning.” Kendra agreed.

Jace took a deep breath and smiled ruefully. “I know, I hadn’t planned to stay up, but I kinda got into the game and lost track of time.” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “I’ll just have to get some soda along the way and I’ll be fine.”

Jace went to stand up, but Bea stopped him. “Unless you are planning on giving us a show, and trust me, I wouldn’t mind, give Kendra and me a chance to leave first.” Bea cautioned him. “Of course, if you want me to stay here and just have Kendra leave, I’m fine with that plan.”

“Bea!” Kendra scolded her friend. Jace raised a finger to say something, but Kendra kept going. “He’s low on sleep and just woke up from some kind of bad dream.” She pointed out. “At least give him some time before you start tormenting him!”

Bea smirked. “Fair enough.” She pulled the sheet around Jace, and helped him up. “Alright, go on, grab a shower, we can wait a few more minutes.”

Jace shook his head in amusement. “I’m going.” He walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He reached into the shower and twisted the hot water on full. Jace pulled the sheet off and began folding it up before he tested the temperature of the water.


“I just don’t get you sometimes, you know?” Kendra said to Bea.

Bea leaned against the rail in her usual nonchalant manner. “What’s not to get?” She smiled as her tail twitched mischievously. “I’m the same me as ever!” She giggled and stuck her tongue out at Kendra.

Kendra sighed and pinched the bridge of her snout. “Bea, I just, I dunno. You’ve always been so...” She appeared to be searching for the right word. “Forward I guess?”

“And what’s wrong with being forward?” Bea asked with a grin. “And open, and honest about who I am?”

Kendra sat down at Jace’s desk outside his room. She leaned on her elbow, and rested her chin on her hand. “I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, per se, but why are you so...”

“Me?” Bea stifled a laugh.

“You!” Kendra agreed.

Bea cocked her head to the side. “Haven’t I told you before?”

“Told me what?” Kendra looked up, curious.

“Well, you know how my parents are...” Bea began.

“Hippies?” Kendra asked with a small smile.

“Kinda.” Bea shrugged. “They are just very open about who they are, what they enjoy, and who they love.” She stretched a bit. “It’s how I was raised.”

“What do you mean?” Kendra asked her friend with genuine interest in her voice.

Bea considered that for a moment. “I don’t know, a lot of what seems normal for everyone else is a bit odd for me.”

“How so?”

“Hrmm..” Bea scratched behind her left ear. “Clothing!” She smiled. “At my house, unless we have guests over, clothing is optional.” She watched Kendra’s face for her likely reaction.

Kendra’s mouth fell open. “So you, your parents, all run around....” She paused as if trying to fully comprehend the idea.

“Nude!” Bea smiled and nodded. “Yep. Well, if we want. Which is most of the time. Saves a lot on laundry mom says.”

“But they are your parents! And you all running around naked in front of each other!” Kendra couldn’t help but ball her fists up and shake her head. “Eew!”

Bea gave her a slight scowl as she held up one finger. “Look, first off, it’s nude, not naked, there is a difference.” She raised the next finger. “Secondly, my parents are people too. Just like me, they have bodies, and bits, and that’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. We aren’t looking at each other in any way that is sexual.” Bea rolled her eyes as Kendra was still shaking her head. “Look, hatchlings come out of the egg nude, right?”

Kendra sighed as she looked at Bea. “That is very different and you know it!” Kendra pointed out.

“Okay, and about when a mother bares a breast to feed said baby?” Bea countered calmly. “Should that be something to be embarrassed or ashamed of?”

“No, of course not. That is perfectly natural.”

“Do you get the point I’m trying to make?” Bea asked her friend. “Clothing is something one needs to protect oneself against the elements. In the comfort of your own home, why bother with clothes?”

“Bea, I really just don’t know that I could wrap my head around being naked around my parents, let alone them being naked around me.” Kendra shuddered.

Bea let out a tired sigh. “You wouldn’t be naked unless you wanted to be. Again, there is a difference between naked and nude.”

“But it’s the same thing!” Kendra argued. “Either way you aren’t wearing clothes!”

“Okay, as much as I’d love to have Jace draw this out, I’ll see if I can illustrate this for you.” Bea walked over to Jace’s desk where Kendra was sitting. She picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and began sketching little stick figures. “Okay, nude means to have a body without clothing.” She had two little stick Kuvrahks, one male and one female. “These.” Bea used the pencil to point at them. “Are nude. Right?”

She looked skeptical, but nodded. “Right.” Kendra agreed.

“Okay.” Bea sketched out another pair, this time in very basic clothing. “All right, what would you say these two are?”

Kendra smirked. “Dressed or otherwise not nude.”

Bea smiled. “Very good! You are right, but depending on what environment you put them in, their clothing can stay the same, but suddenly, say in a the middle of a snowstorm, or say they were in a large battle, they become ‘naked’ while still remaining clothed.”

“What? I don’t follow.” Kendra looked confused.

“See these two with clothes on?” Bea tapped the two figures with the pencil. “Put them on the field of battle and they’d be naked, vulnerable, defenceless. Even while wearing those clothes” She smiled. “See, naked does not always mean having no clothes on, and therefore being nude does not mean the same thing as being naked.”

Kendra blinked several times in a row before shaking her head again. “Bea, you’re my friend and all, but damn you make my head hurt.”

Bea smiled with absolute glee. “All in a day's work!”

Kendra’s ears perked up. “Sounds like the shower just shut off.”

A mischievous look spread across Bea’s face. “I wonder if I could sneak in and-”

“Bea.....” Kendra warned.

“I know, I know.” Bea stuck her tongue out at Kendra. “You are such a buzzkill at times, ya know?” She said with a mock serious tone.

Kendra rolled her eyes with a smile. “Yes, yes. I am the most un-fun person ever in the history of the world.” She stated sarcastically.

Bea nodded, pleased. “Oooo! A little snark.” She winked with a grin. “I like it.” She had the pleasure of watching an embarrassed, flustered look appear on Kendra’s face. She shook her head. “See, now if only you wouldn’t let your defenses down, you could have countered that!”

Kendra shrugged. “It’s just not who I am I guess.”

“I have pants now, it’s safe!” Jace’s slightly muffled voice could be heard through the door.

“Is that an invitation to come in?” Bea laughed.

“If you want.” Jace answered indifferently as he opened the door to his room. Jace headed to his closet and quickly selected a short sleeved gray shirt. Jace looked down at the box on the floor and frowned. “I really hate wearing shoes, but given where we are headed, a thick soled set of boots seems like a good idea.” He thought.

Jace bent down, and looked through the box until he found his hiking boots, grabbed a pair of rarely used socks, and went out and sat on the bed.

“Jace, I’ve never seen you wear shoes before, let alone boots.” Kendra observed

Bea’s amusement at Jace’s sour expression couldn’t be contained as she began to laugh. Jace grabbed a pillow and threw it at Bea’s face. Bea caught the pillow, balanced it on her head and laughed harder.

“What?” Kendra looked utterly confused.

Bea stopped laughing long enough to answer. “He hates shoes with a passion.” She said. “Jace, why do you hate shoes so much?”

“Eh.” Jace sighed and flopped backwards on his bed. “I just hate the feeling of having my feet so...” He paused for a moment. “I dunno, enclosed? trapped?”

Kendra considered that for a moment. “That’s fair.” She admitted. “So no crazy childhood trauma involving shoes?” She giggled.

“It was a dark and stormy night...” She began with a deep, over the top sinister voice. “Jace was running home, but behind him, he could hear the noise. Tak. Tak. Tak.  Tak. The sound.... Of shoes following closely after him.” Bea gave them a dark and menacing laugh.

Both Kendra and Jace looked at Bea with completely deadpan expressions. Jace gave her a wry grin and began to slowly clap before he returned back to carefully putting on socks

“Ah well.” Bea laughed. “I thought that would lead up to being a good reason to hate shoes.”

“Nothing so melodramatic I’m afraid.” Jace said as he struggled to pull a hiking boot on over her left foot. “It just doesn’t feel right and I feel, well, weird as it will sound, cut off from nature.”

Bea shrugged while Kendra just looked at him as though she didn’t understand and shrugged. Jace’s foot finally slid into the boot and he tied it carefully. It took a moment, but he was able to the the right boot on without much trouble. “All right.” He said once the other boot was tied. “I can grab my backpack and I’m ready if you two are.”

“Ready!” Kendra said cheerfully.

“I’m always ready.” Bea echoed with a sly grin and a wink.


The drive itself to South Ridge was about twenty minutes. The old overgrown and weed filled gravel parking lot had been easy enough to find, Jace had considered driving further down the trail, but some of the deeper ruts reminded him that he wasn’t driving an off road vehicle.

As Kendra was still getting her camera unpacked and ready, Jace was pulling on his backpack and Bea was looking around, a slight scowl on her face.

“Kendra, why did you want to come out here again?” Bea asked as she took a moment to adjust a bra strap.

“Bea, just because you hate nature doesn’t mean it isn’t neat to look at, more so through when viewed through a lens.” Kendra laughed softly as her voice took on a low and evil tone. “It was a dark and stormy night, Bea was running along being chased by a tree....”

Jace chuckled as Bea shot her friend a look. “Har har. Very funny.” Bea told Kendra in the driest tone she could.

Kendra smiled sweetly at Bea. “No complaining! You volunteered to come along and help wangle gear and perhaps model after all.” She happily pointed out as she grabbed another couple of items from the camera bag. “I’m ready, Jace?”

“I’ve got all my stuff.” He answered after shutting the trunk. “Good to go.”

Bea frowned as Kendra handed her a long narrow bag with a shoulder strap. “What’s this?”

“It’s a tripod.” Kendra said with a smile as she started walking towards the trail.

Jace gave her a grin. “C’mon Bea, now we all have something to carry and you get to live up to the ‘gear wrangler’ title.” Her friend said with a chuckle.

“This is bogus.” Bea said with a deadpan expression.

Jace just laughed and started walking after Kendra. Bea grinned to herself as she started to follow her friends. “Well at least I get to enjoy the view Jace’s bodacious tush.” She thought with a giggle.


They had come to a clearing and had paused there. Kendra had carefully set up the tripod next to a group of colorful flowers and was now in the process of switching to her macro lense on her camera.

Jace meanwhile was sitting on stump next to the trail with his sketch pad trying to capture the lines of the old stripped out 6946 Lunge Forcemaster 500 that someone had long ago left to rust near the trail.

Bea walked out of the woods and stood behind Jace as he drew out the deep curves of the rear wheel well of the truck. She leaned down next to his head and whispered appreciatively. “That’s coming along nicely.”

Jace smiled with a tiny nod. “Thanks. Feel better?”

“Yeah. I’m glad you planned ahead.” Bea said quietly as she dropped the roll of toilet paper into his backpack. “Yet another reason not to like the wilderness.” She muttered.

“Heh.” Jace chuckled. “You think that was bad?” He asked Bea. “How about this one. Friend of a friend went out camping with her boyfriend. She woke up at night and had to go. Well she went over behind a tree and did what she needed to do.” Jace paused as he drew a careful line for the length of the truck.

“And?” Bea asked.

He shook his head slightly. “She didn’t bring any TP with her, so not thinking about it, she did what we all do in times of need. She grabbed a handful of leaves, wiped off and moseyed back to the tent without even giving it a thought.”

“So she had to use some leaves, what’s so bad about that?” Bea offered.

“Well normally, it wouldn’t be bad at all, except there are certain types of leaves that cause a really bad and incredibly itchy rash.....” He told her.

“Yeah, but....” Bea’s eyes suddenly went wide with realization. “Ah! That’s hellaciously grody!” She put her hand over the front of her shorts. “Way ew. That poor girl.”

“It was bad enough she had to go to the hospital for a shot to bring the swelling and rash under control.”

“No thanks.” Bea shook her head again and walked over towards Kendra who was looking through her camera at the flowers. “Need a hand for anything?”

Kendra adjusted the focus on her lens before giving a little nod. “There we go.” She looked at Bea with a satisfied expression. “Nope! I’ve got a perfect shot lined up.” She looked back at the flowers. “I’ve got several clusters within the shot, so I can change the focus and get different looks from one spot.”

Bea nodded. “Uh, right on.” She looked at the flowers. “Well, let me know if you need a hand at all.”

“Sure thing.” Kendra said with another nod and turned back towards the camera and the flowers.

She looked at Jace and then at Kendra and then back before she quietly sighed. “Damn. I could go for a pitcher of lemonade and a hammock about now.” Bea thought to herself as she leaned against a tree.

A small fly landed on Bea’s left ear, causing it to twitch slightly until she shooed it away. “Ugh. Bugs.” She thought as she stopped leaning on the tree only a moment later. “Guys, I’m gonna walk up ahead just a little.”

Kendra nodded as she took a picture. “Okay.”

“Don’t go off too far though.” Jace told his friend. “We aren’t equipped for a rescue mission.” He said with a wink.

Bea couldn’t help but grin. “Hey, don’t worry.” She winked back. “It’s me.”

“Points for the quote.” He chuckled and went back to his sketch.

The light blue scaled Kuvrahk walked down the trail a ways looking back and forth into the woods. “Ugh. There is nothing out here to see.” Bea said quietly to herself. She walked another forty yards and happened to spot an older path that wound off the trail and into the trees.



“Well, I think I have all the shots I want right here.” Kendra said after a few minutes. “How’s the sketch coming along?” She asked as she began collapsing the tripod.

Jace looked up and grinned. “Come take a look.” He told her as he held the drawing pad up for her to see.

Kendra walked over with the camera slung around her neck and gave his work an appraising glance. “Wow, that’s really good Jace.” She took hold of the camera and while she was right next to his head, she took a couple of pictures as Jace gave her a curious look.

‘I wanted to finish out that roll and it’ll give you something to work by later.” Kendra told him with smile.

“Ah, good deal. Thanks!” Jace tucked his sketch pad back into the backpack along with his pencil and eraser. “All right.” He said as he stood up and stretched. “Let’s go track down Bea.”

“No need!” Bea said enthusiastically, startling both Kendra and Jace.

“Ah! Geez Bea.” Jace gave his friend a mildly annoyed look. “Warn people next time.” He said as Bea practically came bouncing over to them.

“Where’s the fun in that?” She giggled with a wink. “Besides, you guys have to come check out what I found!” Bea told them animatedly. “You’re both gonna love it! It’s so sick!”

Jace chuckled. “Heh, okay Bea, lead on to your discovery.” He offered.

Bea led them down the trail to the small path that led off into the woods. Jace didn’t mention it, but the second he stepped on to the path he felt a cold chill wash over him. He glanced back at the main trail and wonder if it was his imagination or if it had gotten dimmer once they stepped onto this path.

“Probably just thicker leaves.” He thought to himself as he watched Kendra  just in front of him looking around while Bea led the way.

After a few minutes the path through the thick woods suddenly opened and revealed an old and very abandoned house. It was just one level though it appeared as though there might be a basement beneath the rotted wood siding and the vines that covered much of the house.

Kendra was already taking snapshots as Bea slowly began to circle the house. Jace just stood there as if in a trance. “Something’s off about this place.” He thought. “But what?” The front door had long ago been boarded over, but Bea’s voice from around the back.

“Dude! The back is completely open!” She hollered. “We can totally get inside and check it out.”

“C’mon Jace, let’s go take a look.” Kendra said as she started walking towards the back.

“Ehhhhh...” Jace’s expression of doubt about the wisdom of that idea was lost however. “We may want to be really careful. This place looks like it is in terrible shape.” He cautioned. “Watch your step.”

Bea stuck her head out a window that lacked any glass. “Stop being such a worry wart Jace.”

He mentally shook the odd feeling off for a moment. “Hey, all I’m saying is I don’t want us to have to help anyone back to the car if they break through a bad floorboard and snap an ankle.” He tried to sound more lighthearted than he felt.

Kendra nodded. “He does have a point Bea, just watch your step.”

“I swear I have old fogeys for friends some days.” Bea was heard to mutter.

Jace suddenly clutched his back with one hand and shook his other fist above his head. “Yeah, and you kids stay off muh lawn!” He crabbed jokingly in his best imitation of an old man.

Kendra stepped through a missing section of wall directly into an old kitchen. “Oh wow. I think my grandparents had an old stove like that years ago.” The sound of her camera clicking was easy to hear.

Jace hesitantly stepped in to the old house and the feeling grew stronger. It wasn’t dread, and Jace didn’t feel scared, but more of a sense that something was just..... Not right. Off somehow. He walked beyond the kitchen and found a bedroom that smelled of mold and mildew.

The old bed had partly collapsed but Jace could tell from the woodworking of the headboard that it must have been an very expensive bed when it had been new. Now however, it seemed decayed enough that he doubted it would even work very well as firewood.

Jace could hear Bea talking out loud as she explored further into the house. “Hey, check it out! I wonder if this still-” A loud snapping sound was heard. “Oh... nope. That’s not gonna work anymore for sure.” She said disappointedly. Kendra’s chuckle could be heard from an adjacent room as he walked back out the room.

After he stepped over an old moldy and lump that might have either been a really ugly shirt or perhaps some long dead critter, Jace carefully made his way back into the kitchen where he noticed a shelf that was scooted away from the wall. He looked behind the shelf and to his surprise, was a door.

“Did you guys ever find the door to basement?” Jace called out.

“Nope.” Bea said quickly from the front of the house.

“I haven’t either.” Kendra said from hallway.

Jace scowled at the shelf blocking the door. “Then I think I did.”

Kendra joined him followed closely by Bea. “Well, let’s get that outta the way and see what’s downstairs.” Bea offered.

Jace and Bea both grabbed the shelf and pulled, getting it to slide just enough to clear the door behind it. “Let’s see what’s behind door number one!” Bea quipped as she twisted the door knob.

The door creaked loudly in protest as she pulled it open. The smell that wafted up was not one of mold, mildew, or even stagnant water, but rotten meat. “Uhh..” Kendra quickly covered her face with her hand.

Jace pulled his shirt up and over his snout in a vain attempt to filter out the smell and Bea grimaced.

“Whoa. That. Is. Rank.” She stated as she started down.

“Bea! Are you nuts?” Kendra asked her friend. “I can’t believe you are going down there with that smell!”

“I gotta know what it is.” Bea said in a strained voice and kept going down.

Kendra looked at Jace as if to say ‘You need to talk her out of it’. but Jace shrugged and followed her down.

Kendra rolled her eyes and followed not far behind Jace.

Unlike the upstairs, the basement was devoid of any items and was one large open area. There did not appear to be any mold here, but in the very center of the basement  was a large asymmetrical symbol drawn onto the floor, with other smaller symbols drawn along the edges of the large design. All of it in a sickly brown color.

The feeling Jace had experienced earlier now came back full force, worse than before. Jace looked at his friends. Kendra still had her hand over the lower half of her face but Bea now looked pale and no longer amused.

Jace put a hand on Kendra’s shoulder and leaned close to her. “Can you get pictures of this?” He asked quietly.

Kendra’s head didn’t move, but her eyes slowly tracked over to him and just stared for a moment. “Yeah.” It felt as though her camera had suddenly become very heavy but she brought it up and began taking pictures.

Jace went to Bea and got in between her and the disturbing sight. “Hey, you okay?”

Bea just looked at him and shook her head slightly as if unwilling to move much more. Her expression was one of near terror.

“Bea? Hey, talk to me.” Jace said gently as he put his hands on her arms.

“I...” She paused and swallowed. “I don’t know what this is Jace, but it’s wrong somehow and it’s freaking me the fuck out.” She whispered to him. “Can we leave? Please?”

He felt speechless. Bea was not one to normally get bothered very easily. Jace nodded and looked over at Kendra. “Hey, do you have those pictures?”

Kendra glanced over at her friends and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Jace pulled Bea along and got her walking while Kendra was already heading up the steps and out of the basement. Once upstairs, Jace shut the door and they slid the shelf back against it.

“I think, I think I’m done for the day.” Kenda mentioned quietly.

Jace nodded and looked at Bea who was still looking pale and disturbed. “I think we all are.” He agreed. “Let’s get back to the car.”


They all walked back to the car in silence, not stopping for any further pictures or sketches. Jace popped the trunk, they put everything in there, closed the trunk and got in the car. The engine turned over and started smoothly and Jace quickly headed towards the main road.

After several minutes Jace looked over at Bea who’d been sitting uncharacteristically quiet in the front seat neat to him. “Hey, you okay?”

Bea looked up from the floor over at Jace and shook her head a bit. “Jace, I don’t know what that was and honestly, I don’t really care to know.” Her voice was soft and a bit on edge still. “I know I’ve never had something that, like, freaked me out that bad, but it did.” She told him with a slight shiver.

He nodded and rested his hand on her shoulder to reassure her. “I don’t know what it was either but I might know someone who does.” Jace glanced up to the rearview mirror at Kendra in the backseat. “Can you get me copies of all those?” He asked.

Kendra nodded. “I’ll get a set made just as soon as I can.” She said as she leaned forward between Jace and Bea. “Who do you have in mind?”

“T-Square’s aunt Binki.” He said simply. “Mom’s known her for years.” Jace made a left to head back towards Star Rock Falls. “She might at least know where to start.”

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Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
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It seems just like Phelan Jace too has not much luck with naked sleep and vivid dreams.
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
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Jace is just the type that sleeps in the nude. He finds it more comfortable.
As far as nightmares go, this one he brought on himself.
Other nightmares.... well... there is a reason.  ;)
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
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Phelan's main reason not to sleep naked is his occasional wandering.
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Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 17
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It'd be a valid concern. I know if I did something like sleep walk, I'd take as many steps as I could to avoid embarrassing mishaps.
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