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Forum Rules [ Updated -- 10/17/2011 ]
« on: January 17, 2007, 05:09:29 PM »
The following is a set of rules and guidelines you must follow when using the forums.  They are subject to change at any time.

Rules - You MUST abide by these:


- Official Language: These forums are officially English.  Any dialect will do as long as the majority of English speakers in the world can understand it.  If you have trouble speaking English, please let one of the moderators or admins know so we can give you a bit of help.  If you make a post in another language, please provide a translation below in the same post.

- Slang: Any local slang is discouraged as the many of our members are not native English speakers.  If you do use a term that some people may not know, please have the courtesy to define it in your post.  In addition, if a forum member asks you what a term means, define the term for them publicly.

- Internet Speak (the l33t rule): Using any sort of Instant Message typing is frowned upon.  This is a forum and not a real time chat, so there should be no need to rush your typing to get a post in.  Type out full words and try to use correct spelling.  We do understand that not all words are easy to spell, so just try your best.  The occasional use of certain AIM-speak shorthand is okay since it can show more emotion if used sparingly.

- Swearing and Terms of Disparagement: Swearing is allowed but isn't encouraged.  As long as you don't swear in every post you make, we probably won't do anything about it.  As far as racial slurs and other derogatory language goes, we will not tolerate this at all.  If you do not know what this is, please see the Wikipedia article at this link: and this link as well:


- Trolling: Trolling is not tolerated.  We will generally give a warning to you in the thread where you posted something considered trolling before we do anything more about it.  If you do not know what trolling is, here is the definition: Someone who posts to a newsgroup, bulletin board, etc., in a way deliberately intended to anger other posters and draw arguments, or otherwise disrupt the group's intended purpose.

- Spamming: Spamming is also not tolerated.  It's one thing to post a relevant link in a topic, but plugging your site in any way that's off topic will result in corrective action.  You may put your site in your signature as long as it doesn't lead to any referral based system.  These referral systems include links to mafia-style game profiles.

- Flaming: Flaming is insulting someone, simple as that.  Don't do it.  If you need explanation on how not to flame, you should leave now.  Flaming is not the same as criticism.  You can criticize without flaming.

- Thread Necromancy (posting in old topics): There was a discussion on this a while back.  Consensus was that it's OK, provided that it's on topic and adds to the discussion.  Thread res-ing for the sake of it, and off topic posting, are no-no's so don't do it.

- Off topic posting: Discussion naturally drifts over time, however deliberately posting off topic is not acceptable.  If you want to post something, and it's not relevant to any existing discussion, that pretty much means it belongs in its own topic.

Expectations of Posters

- All members of the forum are expected to maintain an appropriate level of maturity to the discussion at hand.  This is mostly explained in the above rules, and your guidelines for the maturity level can be seen by looking around the forums.  If you don't know what this is, you are not mature enough.  When in doubt, leave it out, or ask one of the Admins or Mods.


- This forum is a dictatorship.  What the moderators decide should not be argued with.  There is no free speech here. (If you want to look at the legality of this, be my guest.  It's private property.)  On the other hand, we also don't ban too many topics.

- This is not a furry forum.  Many of our members are in fact furries, but not all are.  Keep this in mind when talking about anything specific to the furry fandom.  The same goes with various other groups this site attracts.  In other words: Don't assume anything.

- The Altermeta comic is "PG-13" and we want the community to stay the same way.  Please do not post any adult material.  If any links to any sites are not safe to view if you're under 18, please make sure they are clearly labeled.  Content of posts should be kept appropriate for readers who are under 18.

Signatures and Avatars

- Please keep images in signatures at 150 pixels high or smaller.  The post should scroll sideways if the image is longer than the width of the box, but we recommend that you keep it under about 600 pixels wide.  A bit wider is okay of course.  Also try to keep signature images at a reasonable size.  under 100KB is best. (The signature in Caltsar's posts is roughly the maximum size we want)

- The total height of the signature shouldn't be ridiculous.  The best way to gauge a good height is to look at a one line post of a user with an avatar.  if your signature will stretch the user info part down more than a small amount, your signature is too tall (total height shouldn't be more than 200 pixels... that includes text and images).

- All signature text and images should be work safe.  No porn, nothing that breaks the rules.  Links in signatures are okay.  However, they shouldn't be pointing to any sort of referral system that gives you money or points toward something.  An exception is made to referral links to "charity" sites like and anything giving points to this site.  Links also need to be work safe. (see rules above)  Exceptions to worksafe links include furaffinity profiles and similar sites where adult content should be behind a login.

- Avatars must be appropriate for the site, and the image size shouldn't be ridiculous.  30KB is a good maximum to follow in general.

Also, as a last note, the server is based in Orlando, Florida.  Those laws, extending up to United States federal law is what will be referenced if anything of questionable legality arises.
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Forum Rules [ Updated -- 10/17/2011 ]
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