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Re: Zombie Rampage (working title)
« Reply #30 on: December 18, 2007, 01:58:22 PM »
SO what's the actual hold up? shouldn't we just get down to planning some fine details and get this thing going?

-What kind of zombies?
-What kind of town?
-recent events? (not necessarily required)

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Re: Zombie Rampage (working title)
« Reply #30 on: December 18, 2007, 01:58:22 PM »

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Re: Zombie Rampage (working title)
« Reply #31 on: December 18, 2007, 05:01:20 PM »
well the type of Zombie will effect what the recent events are
and frankly I'm partial to Bio-Zombies ^-^ they make nice pets to keep those pesky girl scouts away

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Re: Zombie Rampage (working title)
« Reply #32 on: December 18, 2007, 06:22:11 PM »
Oooooh! Count me IN! I can just picture Casp going all Mila Jovovitch on some zombie ass!

Name:Cassandra(CASPAR!) Alexis McArthur
Other Names: Caspar
Apparent Age: looks to be 19human years old
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Csyelusian
Era: modern

Eye Color: Pink (lack of pigment)
Hair Color(s): Snow white
Scale Color: Snow white
Skin Tone: White with slightly pink tinge(mostly around hands/bit on face)
Primary Birthmark: Trail of irregular spots along her spine
Secondary Birthmarks:
1) Mother's Side: three small star shapes on right ankle
2) Father's Side:three thin bands on tips of ears and tip of tail
3) Other: three small star shapes above right breast, three small star shapes on left hip.

General Build: Slender and lithe. She's thin from ballet and gymnastics, but still a 34/c in the chest area. Barely a pinch of fat on her from training. Muscular without bulk, more toned then anything. Hourglass figure.

Hair Style: Usually straight but slightly wavy, falling to her lower back. Cut in layers. It's naturally curly, with soft ringlets, but she normally straightens or blow drys it.

Mannerisms:Shy and mild mannered, she's a bit of a bookworm/doodlebug. Polite and normally quiet, unless in the company of friends, in which case she can be a bit more outgoing. She's normally seen as innocent and naiive, though she might just not be. When with her friends she's a bit more outspoken, though she often thinks things through before speaking and can seem a bit timid.

Typical Clothing Worn: blue jeans, tight at the waistline, then flare out in the legs, tight black t-shirt exposing her midsection reads "my eyes are up here" in small white writing with an arrow above the lettering. May also be seen wearing a black zip-up hoodie with cat ears on the hood, the inside of the ears are pink. Usually wears a pair of gray converse-style sneakers that have been drawn on so much that you can barely tell they were ever gray, they look more like a mishmash of colors and doodles. A messenger style bag, covered in doodles as well, contains a tablet laptop that she rarely leaves home without as well as a normal sketchbook and a variety of drawing tools.

Piercings: five in left ear. Labret. Vertical Sternum(between the breasts), vertical anti eyebrow. Most of these can be seen in my avatar =P. Sometimes she's drawn with them, sometimes I'm too lazy.

Background: Currently an art major in college, She keeps a fair bit to herself and doesn't really have very many close friends. She was in her dorm when the zombie attacks began, and luckily she was on the top floor when it began spreading through the building. She was smart enough to go through the window and onto the fire escape, leading her roomates with her and managed to jump across to the fire escape of the next building over until they could block themselves in on the roof. It wasn't until around 4 in the morning that one of her dorm-mates admitted to being bitten after she began throwing up blood and showing obvious signs of ill health. It wasn't long before she turned, though her other roomate pleaded with Caspar not to kill the other girl, Casp had no choice, and took a shovel to the girl's head. The two of them survived the night. The next morning however, Caspar woke to find her other roomate had done herself in, unable to deal with the insanity of the night before. Caspar managed to scale the fire escape and hijacked a motorcycle parked in the alleyway after shoving the remains of it's driver out of the way. Going down the back alleyways, there didn't seem to be too many of the undead, and she slowly began to try and pick her way through the city, looking for other survivors and hoping to find some form of rescue before she ran out of gas...