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The Library / Re: Altermeta Daily User Journal 2019 Edition
« Last post by MeepSire on June 24, 2019, 07:17:43 PM »
Went to the county fair yesterday. Had a good time.
The Library / Altermeta Daily User Journal 2019 Edition
« Last post by Wraa on January 04, 2019, 02:40:31 AM »
Hello and welcome to 2019.

I hope it is a good year.
So far, I've all ready picked up a speeding ticket. My own fault, no sense in being mad, just gotta pay the damned thing and move forward.
Been working with my wife on our RPG concept. World building mostly so far. The system... that will come soon I hope.

In a weird little twist, I found a Sega Dreamcast on eBay for $10 USD plus $5 USD for shipping. Listed as working, but the battery doesn't hold the time and date any more. No biggie there, my Sega Saturn is the same way. Sadly, the Dreamcast battery is soldered on, so that will take a bit more work to replace. Now, to be honest, when I bid on it, I had no expectation of winning. Much to my surprise, I did win it. It came in, needs a little bit of clean up, but otherwise seems fine. No games, yet, but I'm gonna work on that. No VMU either, but those are easy to find.

I'm looking forward to finding something me and the wife can both play and enjoy. Maybe Crazy Taxi. lol.

Meanwhile, life is, as always, always trying to keep me on my toes.
I hope everyone is doing well into this new year.
The Library / Re: Altermeta Daily User Journal 2018 Edition
« Last post by Dreaker on December 11, 2018, 08:21:09 PM »
Sounds like an interesting thing.
The Library / Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 18
« Last post by Dreaker on December 11, 2018, 08:12:13 PM »
It is readable.
The Library / Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 18
« Last post by Wraa on December 11, 2018, 06:50:57 PM »
When writing this out, I knew I wanted Binki to 'guess star'. I went back to the old comic archives and read and re-read all of the parts with Binki in them. I chatted with Noben about her accent and what it was supposed to sound like. I did my best and I hope that comes across well while still being readable.
The Library / Re: Altermeta Daily User Journal 2018 Edition
« Last post by Wraa on December 11, 2018, 06:48:27 PM »
Also working on an RPG. Like building it. Making the world, designing a system.... Not sure.
The Library / Re: Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 18
« Last post by Dreaker on December 05, 2018, 05:49:46 PM »
The power of Canas compels you!
The Soapbox / Re: May the Disney be with you?
« Last post by Voidbane on December 05, 2018, 01:13:58 PM »
The Library / Re: Altermeta Daily User Journal 2018 Edition
« Last post by Dreaker on December 04, 2018, 08:57:20 PM »
2018 report:
Last 3 month job had a temporary improvement.
Friend broke up  with toxic GF. With friends we managed to keep him together.
Started D&D with friends. It's fun. Sadly we can't do as often as we like.
Soon I get my PC boosted over the roof.
Still doing writing. Not as often I would like too.
The Library / Short bit of SRF Fiction: Part 18
« Last post by Wraa on December 04, 2018, 02:34:46 AM »
Grim Portents - Part 18

A week after the trip to South Ridge Kendra had dropped the photos off to Jace with one request. “I don’t want them back.” Jace had asked why but Kendra wouldn’t go into any details beyond a simple statement. “I didn’t sleep well, weird dreams.”

“I understand.” Jace nodded, his expression one of sympathy. He had decided right then that he wasn’t going to wait. When he’d asked her a couple of days ago T-Square had told him that her aunt would be down at the Market this week. So Jace hopped into the Nobleman and drove down to the market, the large manilla envelope full of photos sat next to him.

He hoped that T’s aunt Binki would be able to make some sense of just whatever they had encountered, and why it gave off such a bad vibe. The drive across town was an uneventful one, and Jace pulled into the parking lot near the Market.

The lot was not very crowded Jace noted as he got out and shut the door, the folder in hand. He paused, opened the door back up and pressed the lock down before shutting it again and heading into the market.

He made his way down the rows, listening to the many vendors as they offered their wares, haggled with customers, and sealed deals. Jace couldn’t help but smile. He’d spent many a weekend here with his mom when he was younger while she sold her various potions, curatives, and elixirs.

“Goot dah to yah Jace!” Called a thickly accented voice just ahead of him. Fulton was an older man, well into his thirteenth decade. He only now was starting to get grey streaks in his bright copper colored hair, though his once bright blue scales had paled over the years.

“A good day to you as well Fulton!” Jace smiled as he walked up to the booth only to get swept up into one of the older man’s energetic embraces. “Oof!” He hugged the old man back. “Always good to see you doing well.”

“Oh aye lad.” He sat Jace back down. “How be yah mother?” Fulton asked as he picked up fancy glass mug and carefully inspected it before setting it back on the shelf.

“She’s doing well.” He replied happily. “She is still keeping herself busy mixing, brewing, and concocting.” Jace looked some of the other glass items on the shelf including a small glass version of the statue of Canas from the Festival field.

“Goot to ‘ear lad.” Fulton nodded, his bright green eyes looking Jace over. “What brings yah down ‘ere this fine dah?”

Jace looked back at Fulton, his ears flattening back a bit. “Well, some friends and I found something...” He paused as he tried to find the proper words. “Strange.” He said with a shrug. “My friend got some pictures of it, and I wanted to show it to someone who might be able to make some sense of it.”

Fulton gave him an appraising look that surprised Jace. “Aye, that one can likely tell yah some’tin bout it.” He said quietly. “Odd stories bout tha’ one, but iffin’ anyone ken tell yah bout strange workin’s, she’d be dah one.”

Jace was about to ask him who he was talking about, but Fulton just shook his head, leaving him feeling very confused. “I’ll be sure to let mom know you were asking about her.” Jace said instead.

“Yah do that lad.” He said with a sudden smile returning to his face. “Take care o’ yahself.”

Jace nodded and walked away feeling a bit surprised at the sudden change of tone from Fulton. How had he known he was going to see Binki and why the almost chilly reaction about her? Jace picked up his pace a bit and headed towards Binki’s tent, the background noise of the market suddenly felt a bit less welcoming and a tad overwhelming.

He was nearly there when the sun glinted, stabbing him in his eyes. He turned towards the booth and saw a large Spearhead of Canas medallion just like the one he’d purchased before that he’d hung from his rearview mirror. “Till some wastoid stole it.” Jace thought.

A small tag marked the price and Jace was pleased to see that the seller was still offering it for the same price. He reached down and pulled his wallet out and checked it. “So long as I save a bit for the concert.” He thought. “Eh, I’ve got enough.”

Jace pulled a few bills from his wallet and handed them to the seller who nodded cheerfully. He picked the new medallion from the hanger and tucked it carefully in his pocket. “Thanks!” He said headed on his way.

Binki was standing just outside her tent when Jace walked up and gave him a big smile. “Jace! Ita good to see you. T said you had sometin’ wanted me to look at.”

“Yeah.” Jace rubbed the back of his head as he felt a tad embarrassed. “Some friends and I found something really weird and we all got a really bad vibe off it and it creeped us out.” He said quietly. “My friend got some pictures of it.”

She nodded with another smile. “Let’a me take a look.”

Jace handed her the envelope with all the pictures and watched her pull them out and look at them. Binki’s calm and curious expression fell and turned into a frown. She looked up at him.

She suddenly reached up and grabbed his arm. “Where did’a you find this?” She asked quietly but with an intensity that surprised Jace.

Jace explained everything that had led up to their discovery and the effect it had on everyone.

Binki quickly slid the photos back into the envelope and handed them back to Jace. “Canna you take me there?” She looked determined. “We should’a go soon if we can.”

A bit taken aback, Jace nodded. “Uh, yeah, I can do that.”

A quick nod and Binki turned and went into her tent. She quickly gathered up several items and hurriedly stuffed them into a bag before coming back out and setting a sign in front of her tent that read ‘Will Return Later’.

Jace and Binki walked back through the market quickly all the way to the parking lot without a word spoken. Once they got to Jace’s car, Binki turned and studied him for a moment. “You did’na touch any of it did you?”

He looked over at Binki, and for the first time, it struck him that he could see the family resemblance between T-Square and her aunt. He shook his head as he got in. “Nope. None of us did. It creeped us out too much to even stay long.” Jace admitted. The car gave a slight hesitation before starting, and he drove out of the parking lot.


The drive there was fairly quiet, though Binki asked him a few questions about her niece, how she was doing, how she was getting along with others, if Jace knew of anyone that she was interested in. Jace smiled at that one but shook his head and said he didn’t know of anyone.

Binki nodded and looked out the window for a moment as if she were considering saying something but remained silent.

For a moment Jace considered turning on the radio, but it felt awkward. Instead, he kept his eyes on the road and kept his thoughts to himself. It wasn’t long before they were pulling into same disused lot, the weeds poking up showing no signs of having been recently crushed under feet or tires.

He barely had the car into park before Binki was getting out of the car and double checking the contents of her bag. Jace got out and dropped his keys into his pocket before shutting the door. “Right this way.” He told her. With Binki following close behind him, Jace made his way down the trail, the gravel crunching under his boots. After several minutes of walking along the trail they came to the clearing with the old rusted truck sitting just to the side of the trail. “It’s just up a bit further.” He told Binki. She nodded, a look of determination on her face.

Just a couple of minutes later, Jace found where the trail snuck off deeper into the woods, and led them to the decrepit old house.

Binki suddenly placed her hand on his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks. “Jace, please wait here. Just’a be ready to leave here quickly If’a tell yah.”

Jace nodded and watched as she walked past him and headed through the tall weeds towards the back of house.

The seconds turned into a minute, and then several minutes. Jace had just started to consider calling out to T’s aunt when a bright green flash came from inside the decrepit old house. “The hell?” Jace wondered out loud.

Binki emerged from the back of the house running as quickly as she could. “Run!” She yelled frantically as she plunged through the weeds recklessly.

He had not needed to be told twice. Jace turned and ran as quickly as he could, all the while he could hear a strange sound emanating from the house, slowly growing louder. Binki quickly caught up to him and grabbed Jace by the arm in an effort to hurry him along.

Jace stopped suddenly as he felt a cold wave wash over him. Binki must have felt it to as she stopped dead in her tracks. They both turned and looked at the house. An even bigger, brighter flash illuminated the clearing and Jace could swear there was a brief absence of sound all around them as he shielded his eyes.

Once the spots cleared from their vision, Jace and Binki both looked at the house. It appeared to have collapsed inwards upon itself and there was a thin line of smoke lazily emanating from the center of the remains.

Jace looked over Binki who was standing up and brushing herself off with a look of grim determination and hint of satisfaction in her expression. She reached down and helped him up and looked him in the eyes. “Some tings are better left alone. Let’a go back now.” She told her seriously before walking back towards the car.

He felt a bit lost by all of this and could not help but wonder what he had witnessed. He glanced back at the crumpled remains of the house and the trickle of smoke emanating from him and shook his head. “Some things are better left alone.” He quietly repeated to himself. “Right.” Jace began walking back towards his car as well.

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